As It Is and Was: Preston Bolton Single-Story Townhome Near the Galleria

Also in the brand-new listing for a single-story “patio home” designed for the original owner by Preston Bolton off Yorktown: photos of the 2-bedroom, 2-bath pad from closer to its 1971 debut. If the now-empty home and its original blue kitchen don’t convey quite the air of Watergate-era sophistication you were looking for, try picturing yourself relaxing, internet-free, in the included black-and-white views. The 2,630-sq.-ft. home’s roof, AC, electrical panel, and water heater have all been replaced recently, but almost everything else is still as it was:


Back then:

Bolton, a fan of headroom and skylights, put plenty of both in this home. Ceilings are 12 ft. tall in the living areas and 10 ft. in the bedrooms. The property just popped on the market yesterday, for $389,000.

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  • Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the kitchen!

  • Ditto … I want this place.

  • If I could afford this house, I’d call my realtor immediately!

    There are a lot of Houston-area baby boomers and other empty nesters who would love to have a single story patio home inside or near the loop. Unfortunately, this type of housing is almost non-existent around here.

    Oh, there are a few generic one-story patio homes in suburban “retirement communities”, but certainly not everyone of a certain age wants that lifestyle. There should be an alternative to buying an apartment or condo.

    Builders and developers, are you listening?

  • The best bachelor pad for recently divorced oil executive ever listed on HAR. Would look great with duck stamp prints on all walls, Remington bronzes in every common room and multiple 52 inch widescreens.

  • Would need to remove corpse stain from baby blue carpet first, or perhaps cover with zebra skin rug.

  • Definitely hitting one of the open houses this week. As an aficionado of ’70 architecture, I am not missing a chance to see this gem! In the older photos, my best guess is the cars pictured are a Buick Electra 225 and a first-generation Regal coupe. Anybody else?…

  • Ditch the blue carpets in the bedrooms, change the closet doors in the entry way to some door knob-less kind and I’m there!

  • I’d lose the blue carpet, keep the blue kitchen and change the backsplash.

    Other wise……what’s not to love?

    I’d take it in a heartbeat.

    Did you see all that storage space? Wow.

  • Good location gives it great teardown potential. Some nice Tuscan-inspired townhomes, perhaps.

  • artfox, get those empty nesters to the Heights!

  • Agree on the Electra…i think thats a late 60’s/early 70’s mercedes next to it, though

  • WOW!! what a talent that Preston Bolton…very retro….and priced right…..

  • Some POS remodel in Oak Forest went for $359K last week, and a Preston Bolton gem can be had for almost the same price. People is craaazee.

  • Love that tile from Satillo!!! *end corny Popeyes chicken reference* Great looking home, too bad it’ll probably be torn down as opposed to being “tastefully” updated here and there.

  • a Buick electra 225…….we called ours
    “the Deuce and a Quarter”.

  • Flunzy – Did you know the “225” designation comes from the original 1959 Electra’s length of 18’9″ (exactly 225 inches)?