Bombay Indian Grill Continues Time-Honored Tradition of Leaving That Spot at 706 Main St.

Empty 706 Main St., Downtown, Houston, 77002

Once again, 706 Main St. is clearing out — here’s a shot of the freshly unwrapped restaurant space in the base of the Great Jones Building. The light-rail-side storefront just south of Capitol St. was taken over in 2014 by Bombay Indian Grill (not to be confused with the nearby Bombay Pizza Co. 2 blocks to the south) in the wake of a string of restaurant turnovers averaging less than 2 years apiece of tenure.

A reader spotted someone boxing up the leftovers early last week, and sent the photo above this afternoon showing the space sans signage. The restaurant was previously marked in place in April floor plans from Midway, which is currently remodeling and repackaging the Great Jones Building together with the former Gulf Oil building as The Jones on Main:


The Jones on Main redevelopment plans, 712 and 708 Main St., Downtown, Houston, 77002

The Jones on Main redevelopment plans, 712 and 708 Main St., Downtown, Houston, 77002

A fish-eyed shot of the whole block from the storefront’s LoopNet listing (which appears to have been reactivated) shows Bombay’s now-missing yellow canopy on the left:

706 Main St., Downtown, Houston 77002

Images: Swamplot inbox (top); Midway (floorplan), LoopNet (bottom)

Still Jonesing Downtown

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  • Since the site seems to be jinxed, maybe we could put a mattress store in there? On one hand, maybe the good voodoo of the multiplying mattress stores can finally exorcise the jinx.
    Or, if we’re really lucky, the jinx will infect the mattress store and spread it through the chain and the city can be free of too many mattress stores. I’d have to say that my money is on the former rather than the latter. Mattress stores seem unstoppable.

  • Burger guys would have survived had they been open, went by there 3-4x and each time I did they were closed — I know it’s downtown but that is still bad business. This closing was the result of mediocre food and utterly surly service, know people who went once and never went back due to lousy service and substandard food, bad combination. It’s not the space it’s the tenants who are cursed.

  • CM, you must have gone to a different place. The food here was wonderful and plentiful, and the service (which consisted mainly of filling the tea glass, and clearing away the used plate as you went back for more) was workmanlike and pleasant.

    I only patronized the establishment at lunch. It was never empty, never full, but had a fair clientele most days. I would suspect the lack of evening diners is what did the place in.

  • Lack of tunnel access and no dinner patrons are a killer combo.

  • I’m with Al, the lunch buffet was good and I never felt that the service was substandard. If my waistline could withstand it, I would have gone more often. Incidentally, there remains a lunch buffet downtown; the Dimassi’s in the tunnel level of 919 Milam.