Changing Buildings on Mid Lane

A reader passes on the rumor that the retail buildings along the west side of Mid Lane north of Westheimer, from Capone’s Bar and Oven (above) up to but not including Crapitto’s Cucina, are under contract to a developer — with a closing scheduled for this month. Purported plans for the properties: demolition and the construction of a highrise, with new retail spaces at the bottom. No rush, though, apparently: “They can’t do anything for 16 months because of the leases.”

Photo: Swamplot inbox

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  • That is one block away from a the aborted “High Street Project”, yes? (
    Seems a waste to tear down a sorta cool glorified strip mall when there is empty property right next door. Regardless, traffic around Highland Village just got even more unbearable.

  • The new owners of te High Street property have already started construction of a multi-family development. It won’t be an empty lot for much longer.

  • I can attest that construction for High Street is in full swing…and been so for a few weeks now. I live at the Westcreek apts facing the lot and get to hear the roaring sound of machinery from dusk till dawn.

  • I get my hair cut here (Aqua).

    Considering all the other demos and new consbetween here and San Felipe (the old swingers apartments) it was only a matter of time.

    There are some fine trees along Midland. Hope they stay.

  • There is a huge empty lot on Midlane a minute walk from there right across the street next to 2121 Midlane apartments. They could put their high rise there and start construction sooner. I’m sure something will be put there eventually, it’s only a matter of time. But then they’d have to be right on the railroad tracks instead of across the street…

  • $60/foot dirt deserves better than single-story retail/restaurant buildings that have never reached a sustained level of success.

    This is an excellent site for a CB2 store (C&B folks), paradise bakery, and room & board store (look it up) on first floor underneath a 10-16 story office building — a la the 10th & Peachtree development in Atlanta.

  • Demolition started in November, 2013. Only remaining building in the block are Bo Concept facing Westheimer and Crapito at the opposite end. Wish to see some nice boutique stores but that is unlikely with such high premium land.