Claiming Downtown Apartment Construction for the Aggies

Texas A&M Flag Flying on Crane, Skyhouse Houston, Downtown HoustonJust last week Swamplot ran an item about the ironworker who got canned for draping a University of Alabama flag at the Kyle Field construction site in College Station. But after spotting a Texas A&M banner hoisted onto the crane for the SkyHouse Houston apartment tower Alliance Residential’s Block 334 apartment building going up at the corner of Main St. and Leeland yesterday, Twitterer-about-town PoppyPetalled wonders if flying college colors on construction sites has become “a thing.” Here’s a longer view:


Texas A&M Flag Flying on Crane, Skyhouse Houston, Downtown Houston

Photo: PoppyPetalled


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  • That is the site of the Alliance Apartments. Skyhouse is already completed.

  • Thanks for catching that, @drlan34. We’ve corrected the story.

  • We do it constantly at our plant job sites east of Houston, but only for Aggies. I don’t know if they will ever get over their short man syndrome. I’m sure they circle jerk about this stuff all the time on

  • I think it’s awesome that you would tout your university from the construction site where you work 9-5 every day, outdoors, doing heavy labor in a dangerous line of work. Not why I went to school, and that’s why you won’t see nerdy my alma mater flying high up there anytime soon.

  • Saw this yesterday as I passed by on the Red Line heading north. Whoop! Gotta have a little fun on the job! Now the ‘bama flag on the side of Kyle was a totally different situation. That knucklehead iron worker will face the music (from the University or the CS Police) if any of those welds he claimed to have done poorly are actually found.

  • You know, I think A&M gets a bad rap from some people as being a country bumpkin school. Its by far one of the best engineering schools in the state (second only to UT), and frankly one of the best in the country. Ok it’s also one of the best Ag schools as well and has some of the most redneck townies of any major university, but Ag can be a pretty hardcore/crunchy discipline, and if we were to judge schools by their townies then Harvard/MIT wouldn’t have a stellar reputations.
    Don’t get me wrong. I’m a UT graduate and I remember fondly when the SCOTUS officially recognized that A&M is where the UT rejects go, but beyond some friendly ribbing I actually respect that school and its graduates quite a bit.
    Thank god for internet anonymity though. I would never say this in person.

  • So true about the Aggies and their massive chip on their shoulder. It’s like all their traditions being wrapped around UT and UT couldn’t care less about them. I guess only Aggies need apply for an apartment, should be a interesting crowd, all gig em’s and whoops–so ridiculous

  • I think it’s just good fun. And who knows who at the construction company put it up. If it is the owner or PM, I suspect they are doing pretty well for themselves out there in the hot sun (my god, can you be more elitist).

    As for the UT rivalry, when I was growing up here in town, it really did seem like AM had a chip on its shoulder, but I don’t see it that way anymore. UT lost the high ground when they decided to start throwing insults at AM all the time (see above posts). Now I see them as both equally insecure.

  • The 12th man did it ! I saw him

  • Perhaps you’re right. No doubt DeLoss Dodds did UT no favors with his breathtaking arrogance about UT exceptionalism and Patterson is even worse with all his bluster about UT being the greatest sports money maker on Earth and how nobody is in UT’s league etc. As an alum of UT, I’m more worried about Perry’s siege of UT visa vie his lunatic Regents (yes I’m taking to you, Mr Hall), than the sports program. I care more about its academic reputation than its sports prowess.

  • If you’re going to be a veterinarian in rural Texas, it’s a good idea to be an Aggie. You’ll have much more credibility. Remember, before you start bashing, I said RURAL Texas.

  • Ha! Movocelot for the win.

  • Rural nothing. A&M is ranked at like #3 in the nation for its vet program.