Comment of the Day: Booing a DeBakey High School for Health Professions Move to the Old Shamrock Hotel Site

COMMENT OF THE DAY: BOOING A DEBAKEY HIGH SCHOOL FOR HEALTH PROFESSIONS MOVE TO THE OLD SHAMROCK HOTEL SITE “Any biomedical educational institution gains considerable strength by being closely associated with TMC. There’s a much higher credibility and visibility factor. And as a bonus, students may be visited by Glenn McCarthy’s ghost.” [Chef, commenting on Headlines: Houston Club Shacking Up with Plaza Club; Galveston’s Port of Call Dreams]

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  • According to Google Earth, the current Debakey HS is straight-line 4,400 feet east of the intersection of the intersection of Cambridge and Macgregor, which is the beginning of the Medical Center proper. That’s not close enough?

  • It’s across both Almeda and 288 from the TMC. That’s a big barrier.

  • @superdave apparently not. They want to be inside the medical center proper. I don’t understand the opposition to this school relocating inside the medical center.

  • It’s now on the wrong side of the tracks, as the saying goes. Mucho mas mejor at the old Shamrock site.

  • And Google shows you the location; but, Google can’t really show you “Location, Location, Location.”

  • Opposition is based on my tax dollars being spent to move an existing, flourishing school less than 1 mile away from its current location. I agree that the new location would be more “ideal,” but realistically I don’t see tax payers getting a return proportional to what they spent.

  • @Superdave, you do realize that the current building will soon require complete renovation and replacement of infrastructure, and that the cost of doing that is about half of what it will cost to replace the building at a better location. Plus, there’s no where to put the students while the renovations are done. The current location doesn’t appear to have enough space for that.

  • @ Superdave, the current building for DeBakey was a compromise from the get-go. It is not a school building and is not really suitable for the needs and goals of this specialized school. As for ROI, education is not widgets and the value a taxpayer receives from investing in good schools is measured down the road in the number and quality of students who become said taxpayer’s cardiologist, accountant, master electrician, etc. instead of store clerk or neighborhood burglar.

  • As a Debakey High graduate and someone who attended during the mid-80s’, it stands to reason that Houston’s premiere public high school should be rebuilt and relocated after almost 35 years in the same building. Yes, the building was pristine when Ia was a student there, but that was over 25 years ago. aaaaa