Courtlandt Manor Site Photographer: Google Plus Ate Your ‘G’

COURTLANDT MANOR SITE PHOTOGRAPHER: GOOGLE PLUS ATE YOUR ‘G’ Future Site of Courtlandt Manor Townhomes, 411 Lovett Blvd., Avondale, Montrose, HoustonThe reader who sent in pics that Swamplot posted yesterday showing a banner announcing the new 14-townhome Courtlandt Manor development at 411 Lovett Blvd. — where developer Croix Custom Homes had a 1906 mansion in fine condition torn down earlier this year — writes in to apologize and explain why they inadvertently made it look like the developer’s sign had a prominent typo. Having examined the originals and discussed the issue with one of the firms marketing the project, Swamplot can now confirm that Courtlandt Manor is indeed “pre-selling,” not “pre-sellin” units for $875K and up, and that the actual sign spells this out accurately. “I feel really bad about this,” writes the photographer, who didn’t notice anything wrong with the photo until it was posted. “My phone automatically uploads all the photos I take to Google+ for backup. When it sees several images taken side by side, it ‘auto-enhances’ them into a panorama.” That’s more of an explanation for a missing letter than Croix had provided publicly for the site’s now-missing mansion, but the spelling-oblivious auto-panorama mechanism in Google+, apparently, is a little more complicated. Original, unstitched photo of sign at Lovett Blvd. and Taft: Swamplot inbox

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  • I think it’s good that it happened because we got a demonstration of thin-skinned developers in action, stopping by to insult everybody in sight fairly indiscriminately.

    It’s not bad enough these folks are infesting their blight on the entire inner loop, they’re going to flip out when people have a chuckle about it.

  • What’s Google+ ?

  • The professional way for the entities involved to handle the error would be to contact Swamplot directly (and privately). Instead, mud was slung on a public comment board like 5 year olds throwing a tantrum. Keep it classy, people.

  • Hilarious–what a major league a$$hole. It’s bad enough he tore down that beautiful historic mansion for his shitty 800K townhomes that will be falling down in 25 years—like he cares.

  • Katy Ander’s is a sweetheart. “Infesting their blight on the entire inner loop”…….Typical Swamplot. Screw the developer, development sucks, I hate development, development is ruining the city, blah blah blah blah blah.

    Guess your mother told you that if you a have nothing nice to say, then complain about everything. Again, lovely.

  • Definitely a case of the Streissand effect in action.

  • you mean to tell me that people will actually be able to live on that corner now rather than just rent it out as a token property for parties and high-margin office space? and that the city will be able to take in a lot more taxable revenue because of it to help fix our broken schools and city resources?
    whatta bunch of blood bollocks. don’t these developers already know all the rich folk in this area would gladly pay much more in property taxes to help fix this city if it meant no further development. i mean, that is the point we’re trying to make here, right?

  • I realize that Google + is sort of dumb (people use it?), but I’m surprised it would do something like that. That’s just… well… Dumb.

  • Cody, G+ is actually quite an excellent photo backup service. It backs up your full quality camera phone photos silently as you take them.

    Sometimes it notices that you’ve taken a lot of photos in a row of the same thing and it will give you some extra photos, like a gif image of a moving object or in this case a panorama. After a vacation/trip it will automatically assemble your journey into a photo story with dates/locations/photos. It’s a very nice service, and all free.