Double or Nothing in the Houston Heights

Adjacent properties sharing a driveway in the Houston Heights near the North Loop are also linking their fates: The separate listings stipulate a single buyer for the mismatched 1940-built pair (top). One building is a fairly straightforward cottage, with a covered porch and small front room addition (middle, at right). Next door, an add-on warehouse fronts a structure converted into apartments (bottom, at right). Newer townhomes on the street-in-transition sandwich the up-for-grabs duo. Each seeks $250,000 — this time.


After a more-than-2-year market hiatus, the doubled-up domiciles’ determined agent re-upped the conjoined listings in November — at a price $25K higher than the initial $225,000 January 2009 listing and its August 2009 re-listing (which later knocked the asking price to $199,000 before expiring in August 2010.)

Over in the cottage (top and below), there are high ceilings and mostly wooden floors.

The 1,209-sq.-ft. floor plan has 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom.

The warehouse-fronted property, meanwhile, has 2 apartments, each with a bedroom and bathroom (and window unit air conditioning). HCAD lists the total structure at 1,090-sq. ft.

Here’s one of the bedroom-bath apartments:

And here’s the other, with a wall of built-in shelving:

The western half of the block, off Rutland St., has a small alley serving several back lots, but it’s unclear whether it extends to the listed pair’s 6,550-sq.-ft. lot.

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