Fisher Homes’s Yale St. Condo Midrise Passes Mid-Rise

The Victoria Condo Midrise, 829 Yale St. Houston Heights, Houston, 77007

Renderings of The Victoria Condo Midrise, 829 Yale St. Houston Heights, Houston, 77007The balcony-loaded face of Fisher Home’s The Victoria condo midrise is now stretching up past the halfway mark of the structure’s planned Heights ascent, notes a reader. The 6 residential levels will sit atop a few above-and-below-ground parking levels, per the rendering that showed up in unit listings earlier this summer. Camelot Realty’s listing for the 40-unit property currently touts prices starting at $300,000 and a Christmas-time move-in date.

That’s the 1950s apartment complex at 821 Yale to the left in the drive-by shot at the top; here’s a snap of the building buddied up with the century-old home-turned-law-office at 833 Yale on the other side:


The Victoria Condo Midrise, 829 Yale St. Houston Heights, Houston, 77007

Photos: P. Tim Martindell

Half-Height in the Heights

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  • The Fisher condos on Morrison were dubbed the “blight on the Heights” by neighbors. I nominate “The Historic Fail on Yale” for this one.

  • Fisher creates shit wherever he goes. This place included. I wish people would stop giving them their hard earned money so he can go bankrupt and crawl back to his pigpen of filth

  • That just fits right in with the prevailing architecture on Yale. NOT. I’m sure the neighbors are thrilled at this sunblocker.

  • Yet again the city is letting this scumbag do whatever he wants in the Heights. His crews constantly block Yale with their trucks and could care less about the neighbors. I second Old Schools nomination for “The Historic Fail on Yale.” All in favor?

  • His deal on Oak Forrest Dr, that sits right next to the active RR, has to be a bigger cluster in the scope of which deal looses the most money. He is a joke.

  • The Heights (as we knew it) is dead. Long live the Heights !

  • $400/sq ft for this garbage? There are bottom feeder developers and then there’s Terry Fisher.

  • “The Historic Fail on Yale” is exactly right. I feel bad for anyone who buys, rents or lives adjacent to Terry Fisher construction.

  • An abomination. I’ve driven down the street on the other side. This thing looms over bungalows. No respect for other people. If I had a house there and had the money I would build a wall as high as the building for the back fence.

  • Something fishy about this uniform deluge of hate.

  • Something sure does stink, and its not the uniformity of the comments.

  • Poor Yale. It’s being overwhelmed.

  • Construction has stopped.

  • I noticed it looked like all construction had ground to a halt there as well. No trucks, workers, nada. But at least the garbage pile is gone!