Google Now Looking Inside the Loop and Up Your Street

Map Showing Coverage of Google Street View in Houston

When the Street View feature was first introduced to Houston Google Maps about a year ago, it allowed viewers to follow street-level photos . . . mostly along major thoroughfares. In March, Google added street-level views of residential neighborhoods within a huge swath of West Houston and Pasadena . . . but the update still left out most areas inside the Loop.

This week, a tipster informs us, Google has expanded Street View again, updating its database with photos taken from almost every street inside the Loop . . . and this time including most areas inside the Beltway and beyond as well. The map above shows the extent of the new coverage.

Smile! Photos of your home are likely now on the internet . . . unless you live in a few special areas in town . . .


What streets have been left out of Street View? Well, how about this chunk of Sunset Terrace in West U?

Google Maps View of Sunset Terrace, Showing Streets Where Street View Is Available

Or the northern reaches of River Oaks?

Google Maps View of Northern River Oaks, Showing Streets Where Street View Is Available

But why fret about what’s missing, when there’s so much to ogle Google?

Google Street View of 6516 Laura Koppe Rd., Houston

Google Street View of 1364 W. 23rd St., Houston

Google Street View of 5528 Blossom St., Houston

Can you find any more interesting shots around town? Locate other missing neighborhoods? Want to show us pics of your home? Add your links in the comments!

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