Lake Flato’s East Downtown Townhouses

H-E-B Montrose Market architects (and International Coffee Company Building renovators) Lake Flato designed these 4-bedroom, 3.5-bath Nagle St. townhouses that are going up in East Downtown. They’re coming in at 2 sizes: 3,375 sq. ft. for the endcaps with screened-in terraces and 3,664 sq. ft. for the ones scrunched in the middle. Developed by Lovett Homes, the townhouses face the 700 block of Nagle between Capitol and Rusk, just east of BBVA Compass Stadium. One of the larger townhouses, listed at $549,000, has already gone pending.


Here are the floor plans for the 3,664-sq.-ft. one.

First floor:

Second floor:

Third floor:

And fourth:

Images: Lovett Homes

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  • First time I’ve seen architecture in a central Houston townhome, spray painted tin notwithstanding.

  • Distinctive architecture. I’m a little surprised that the area has matured enough to support this level of home. Maybe they’re for pro soccer players. Running up and down 4 floors each day isn’t for puffy people.

  • That’s why they have an elevator option!

  • I like the look of these, and up close, they look like more solid construction than some other townhomes in the area.

    However, I think townhomes in Houston have jumped the shark. I wonder how soon the market will make having a fourth floor in a townhome a liability when trying to sell. Living in a treehouse might have been a childhood dream for some, but actually having to walk up and down stairs every day year after year is a pain.

  • I wish instead they were building an H-E-B in this area.

  • It looks like the architecture firm did a rendering and Lovett took care of the floor plans. Not much to see here, same dumb floor plan, new wrapper.

  • @avoid grocery stores: I will never have to see the floor plan, but will drive by the wrapper often. I like nice wrappers.

  • Run as fast as you can from these. We have a house from the builder’s other company, and they look great until your warranty expires. Then all your trouble starts.

  • Other company? Warranty? Are these townhouses or Chinese automobiles?

  • I’ve got a better warranty on my car than one generally gets from a production house builder.

  • @mollusk – so we have quickly found out. Lesson learned for the next house.

  • @Janice what sort of trouble are you talking about? Would the cost to keep your house in good shape be prohibitive?