Local Group Planning Local Brewery in Local Warehouse Across from Hardy Yards

Here’s the next target in Houston’s continuing warehouse-to-brewery turnover trend: 1504 Chapman St. A group of local brewers got their hands on the 6,283-sq.-ft. building — pictured above from the south — in April and a budding Facebook page now shows its address as the location of a venue they’re calling Local Group Brewing.

It’s within the same general parish as St. Arnold’s recently-opened beer cathedral and existing brewery. They’re both less than half a mile away on the other side of the former Union Pacific brownfield pictured below, now giving rise to the complex of mixed-use buildings dubbed Hardy Yards:


A 10.69-acre chunk of that development — west of the planned brewery and adjacent to METRO’s Burnett Transit Center off N. Main — was listed for sale last year but is now no longer on the market.

Photos: Zillow

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  • A new local brewery. It’s been what…a month? since the last one was announced.

  • The Northside is past due for this kind of development
    There are still many unique properties here ready for the fix up. We welcome all to our thriving neighborhood.