Main St. Mod Code Building Under Assault From Rooftop, Ground Level, Interior

Demo of Former City of Houston Code Enforcement Building, 3300 Main St., Midtown, Houston, 77002

A gang of smaller machinery is seen spreading out across the roof of 3300 Main St. in the shot above (capturing a reader’s view of the scene from the HCC midrise next door), as a larger excavator works over some of the rubble piling up at the site lately. Also visible behind the former city code enforcement building, to the south: the now-in-full-swing MATCH theater building, and the rising facades of some of the apartment midrises going up on the Mid Main block.


Permits came through toward the end of August to clear the 1967 mod office spot out of the way to make room for PM Realty’s planned mixed-use apartment highrise, which would be the first highrise in Midtown — though not the last, if the highrise project by Australian developer Caydon gets off the ground as planned at 2850 Fannin up the street.

Photo: Swamplot inbox

Midtown Falling Flat, Rising High

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  • An unbelievable amount of suffering took place within those walls. They should remove the dirt 6 feet down and incinerate it as well.

  • Salt the earth…

  • J, I agree. I’d like to keep a brick from that building. Or pay a few bucks to be able to do some of the demo myself.
    Some of the dumbest arguments I’ve ever had came from that building. It was pretty much what stopped me from buying distressed properties to fix up.

  • I’m convinced some of the workers in that building were prior concentration camp guards.

  • I just moved back to Houston after a few years away so haven’t been following swamplot–@cody, you’re out of the fixing up and running buildings-with-beautiful-exteriors-but-horrible-management-and-questionable-tenants business? There are so many places in Montrose/Midtown that are incredibly thankful that you turned them around a few years ago… You were a one of a kind developer.

  • Unfortunately, suffering has only relocated to nicer digs.