Moon Tower Inn Keepers Planning New East End BBQ Joint on the Navigation Curve

3125 Navigation Blvd., East End, Houston

The colorful team behind the beer-and-hot-dog hangout Moon Tower Inn has plans to open a much larger and meatier restaurant a couple blocks northeast of its spot on Canal St. in the East End. A new “Proper Texas BBQ and Watering Hole” will go into a warehouse-turned-auto-repair-shop at 3125 Navigation Blvd., a few blocks down the street from Ninfa’s and El Tiempo, sometime in 2016, according to a post on the Moon Tower Inn’s Facebook page. Its name: B.R. Young’s Lost Indian.

Here’s a view of it:


3125 Navigation Blvd., East End, Houston

The 1949 building the team is leasing measures 4,000 sq. ft. and sits on a 26,970-sq.-ft. lot at the corner of Navigation and Engelke, next to the railroad tracks.

3125 Navigation Blvd., East End, Houston

Images: Avison Young (map and top photo); Moon Tower Inn (bottom photo)

B.R. Young’s Lost Indian

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  • I love seeing more and more development in this area, but that name is just plain awful.

  • We’ll see if it ever comes to fruition. They also said they were making a NY style pizza place and there was a plan for another food truck that never materialized.

  • From what was said the pizza place was a cover for voodoo so no one would know what they were really up to. And fact, the next “food truck” was gonna be a bbq trailer but who needs a trailer when you can have that big of a lot and building?

  • one of their bartenders at the voodoo lounge has a bad attitude. sorry buddy, riding a messenger bike, which I did over 20 years ago, and having some tattoos doesn’t give you the right to have a chip on your shoulder, or be offended if people ask for something other than PBR or Tecate. be polite!

  • Is there a reason why you are biased on comments you post?

  • Agree with CREBBQ — that name IS awful! Most people who see “Indian” in a restaurant’s name think of food from Indian subcontinent, not barbecue…

  • i like the sound of it. isn’t it the point to have a dumb name behind it in the first place, with some hipster cache and all?

  • They better have some awesome BBQ, because that’s the only way they will compete. Houston BBQ quality has gone way up lately.

  • I get the location, good to see more people pushing farther east, but that seems like a really expensive place to rehab for a restaurant.

  • The name is as good as ‘The Pastry War’