Pushing the Pizza Back a Bit from Montrose Blvd.

PUSHING THE PIZZA BACK A BIT FROM MONTROSE BLVD. Concerns about how that new Pizaro’s Pizza had been drawn to cozy up to the blind corner at W. Gray and Montrose — and how that might affect people on the street — have caused a change in plans, reports The Highwayman: “Situating the entrance at an angle provides more visibility to pedestrians and people in a wheelchair. Drawings also seem to indicate two directional ramps that provide a little more safety and security for disabled pedestrians.” The new set of drawings — one of which is shown here — will go up before the Planning Commission this Thursday. [The Highwayman; previously on Swamplot] Rendering: Braun Enterprises

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  • An excellent compromise. If Commission denies this variance it will an absolute travesty.

  • @ Texasota
    I can’t believe you used the ‘c’ word.

  • I’m sure the commission will approve this redesign. The correction was needed and it seems all are pleased

  • Where are they going to put that big electrical/mechanical box that currently sits at that corner? That in addition to the blind corner always concerns me.

  • Yeah the utility stuff in the row is a problem, but that’s true nearly everywhere.

  • I question the shrubbery along Monstrose and West Gray. It doesn’t make sense from a retail standpoint. It doesn’t make sense from a streetscapes standpoint. I’d rather have broad sidewalks the full length of those facades. The shade trees should stay, though.
    But that’s really just a quibble. This is a great project! It’s the kind of thing we need more of here in Houston; and not just the layout of parking to the rear and building to the front. The give and take between the developer and the City and neighbors is the real model to follow. There’s no reason we shouldn’t make this the norm, at least when developers pursue variances to our setbacks.

  • Wasn’t a PROBLEM for 50 years, but suddenly…

    Gotta love Houston.

  • Something tells me that, 50 years ago, those streets weren’t quite so wide

  • But how will they get any business without 20 feet of parking out front? I thought developers didn’t like buildings with no setbacks. It simply can’t work. That’s what everybody says, right?

  • @Anse: Hopefully the mindset is changing, at least a little…notice that the tenant is a local independent, not a national chain with a “standard model.”

  • Very true. Here’s to the enterprising small businessman. Or woman.