Raising Funds for the New Houston Ballet Building: Just Wait Until Nutcracker Season

An article on Bloomberg.com forwarded by a reader provides an update on the progress of fundraising efforts for the Houston Ballet’s new building Downtown planned for the block surrounded by Congress, Smith, Preston, and Louisiana streets. You’ll remember that back in August, Ballet managing director Cecil C. Conner told the Chronicle‘s Molly Glentzer that the board had raised “about 70 percent of the funds” needed for the $53 million building — which the organization hopes to have ready for move-in by 2011.

What’s the latest news, 3 months later?


Conner said he already has about 70 percent of the funds needed. The company has started raising an additional $45 million for the endowment, said Jim Hackney, managing partner at Alexander Haas Inc., Atlanta-based fund- raising consultancy hired by the ballet.

“Obviously, the last 10 months have been a challenging period in fundraising, but we’re optimistic,” Conner said. . . .

So far, the ballet has gathered money predominantly from foundations and its board of trustees.

Renderings: Gensler

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  • They should stop tip-toeing around the situation and build it!

  • I was downtown today (driving west on Prairie) and noticed at least one tower crane one block north of Prairie between Smith and Louisiana (behind the building with the Bass in front). Isn’t this the proposed location for the ballet? Have they already started construction?

  • Gensler? Really? Let’s hire the architect whose office is closest to the project site.

    Has anyone been paying attention to the new projects in the Dallas Arts District?

    Take note… they are getting it right.

  • A big Cube? No thanks.