Redeveloping the Memorial Heights Apartments: The Inside Story

Aerial View of Archstone Memorial Heights Apartments Showing First Area to be Redeveloped

Armed with only a camera and a healthy sense of curiosity, Swamplot reader and longtime Memorial Heights Apartments resident Michael W. Jones pokes around his apartment complex and unearths evidence of Archstone-Smith’s redevelopment plans. His conclusions:

After the jump, photos — and a few more details — from Jones’s report.


Last of the tenants moving out of Building 8 on March 1st:

Tenants Moving Out of Buildings 7, 8, and 9, Memorial Heights Apartments

A construction staging area in the complex:

Construction Fences, Memorial Heights Apartments

And broken windows in Building 7, for easier interior demolition:

Boarded-Up Windows on Building 7, Memorial Heights Apartments

From an earlier installment of Jones’s three-part Memorial Heights Apartments series:

Details did emerge that Archstone was setting out on a 5-year plan to redevelop the complex, including demolishing the 30 existing 3-story garden-style buildings, and rebuilding with six 4-story buildings and parking structures. In addition a retail complex would be built facing Studemont, and hence the request to close Court Street.

Photos and map: Michael W. Jones

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