Scenes from the Scaffolding Collapse at Randall Davis’s Chateau Ten Condos, San Felipe Edition

Scaffolding Collapse, Chateau Ten, Spann and Welch Streets, Vermont Commons, Houston

A reader who happened to be on the scene Saturday morning when scaffolding collapsed on the side of the Chateau Ten condo building going up at the corner of Spann and Welch streets just south of River Oaks sent Swamplot these photos and a report shortly after the incident. The Randall Davis development is under construction behind the empty lot on San Felipe on which Hines is planning to build a 17-story office tower:

“I did not see the collapse, but I heard it . . . It sounded like an explosionpower went out immediately.” The correspondent reports running out to find scaffolding for the 6-story building down, “completely covering a house (and Mercedes) and scaffolding bits were dangling from power lines. I called 911. I don’t think anyone is hurt.”

What could have caused this construction accident?


Scaffolding Collapse, Chateau Ten, Spann and Welch Streets, Vermont Commons, Houston

Our correspondent has a theory:

There was no one working at the time, it was raining hard, and there were heavy winds. It might have had something to do with the black tarp that had been dropped down to cover the building, perhaps the wind got caught in that and brought it all down. Metal and wood everywhere . . .

Scaffolding Collapse, Chateau Ten, Spann and Welch Streets, Vermont Commons, Houston

We are so lucky this happened on a Saturday when it is quiet and there is little traffic on that street. No dog walkers, either. The occupant of the house was at work and is unhurt.

The scaffolding had been erected for workers to apply stucco to the building, a wood-frame structure on top of a parking deck. This Chateau Ten is one of 2 separate developments of the same name Randall Davis is developing; the other one is intended for the corner of Ashby and Sunset, just north of Rice University.

Photos: Swamplot inbox

Stucco, Interrupted

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  • So, did the cats constructing the mid-rise also erect the scaffolding?

  • Let’s hope the stucco work goes better than the scaffold erection.

  • Yes, this would give me pause if I were going to invest in this complex–it makes you wonder if the construction is as shoddy as the scaffolding–they were extremely lucky no one was hurt.

  • That’s some quality construction. Good thing the free market always brings out the best.

  • Of course its not quality construction nor design. Cringe-worthy rows of cheap windows – especially the half-arsed, flush-mounted to the exterior kind that almost every builder now installs.

    @Gisgo…scaffold erection.
    I’m still laughing about this. Maybe there’s a company called Scaffold Erection Xpress…SEX.

  • Hope Hines gets their scaffolding erection right when they build their 17 story tower

  • The residence where the Daimler is parked is butt ugly. Probably cheap construction ,as so many new construction projects go.

  • (Copy and Paste)
    “After gathering some insider information, I thought it’ll be a good idea to share. The resident of the 2233 welch st. apartment has yet to receive any help or cooperations from the “friendly” Randall Davis and its affiliates for the damages. Reportedly, his Mercedes Benz is a total lost due to its heavy cosmetic damages. Additionally, he lost power for two weeks, and since Dec 21st 2014 (day of event), the scaffolding company’s (Compass Services, inc) insurance (Brown and Brown) refuses to make legitimate efforts to rectify his damages.

    What I don’t understand is, why won’t the resident @2233 welch. take legal actions against these companies? It makes me wonder, what if this happens to me? Are we (the neighborhood residents) doomed? What if the next construction mistake causes damage to my house or a life threatening injury to one of my family members? Will they brush me off the same way? How can we protect ourselves? Scary!!!” -Ram Sham