Secret Group Planning Comedy, Music, Party Venue in Not So Secret East Downtown Building

2101 Polk St., East Downtown, Houston

Who’s been tagging the former Malloy’s Register Company building at the corner of Polk St. and St. Emanuel St. in East Downtown with Simpsons graffiti, an assortment of wheatpaste posters, and a TABC license application? The building’s future tenants, who bear the mysterious name The Secret Group. For now, The Secret Group has been arranging and promoting a series of comedy and music performances in various spots around town. But come November, the promoters plan to open up their own native bar, comedy club, and music venue in the building at 2101 Polk St.


2101 Polk St., East Downtown, Houston

Photos: Elizabeth Marshall Black

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  • It looks like it is a guy with a podcast named Stephen Brandau and a guy named Andrew Youngblood that books local acts…

  • I’ve been happy with the comedians they’ve booked in Houston thus far, so I’m looking forward to this. The Houston Improv has shown no interest in booking interesting comedians, so we really need this club.

    RIP Laff Stop. Sigh.

  • Same guys that did Come and Take it Comedy Fest!