Seen on the Street: Armature Armchair

Ready to see some fun pix from around town? Here’s the guardhouse for the loading dock at the Igloo plant in Katy, as captured a while back by blogger Donna B.

A few more:


A couple excerpts from a larger set of photos by Flickr user meltedplastic, showing a few finds at the abandoned Heights Armature Works at 107 Yale, near I-10 and White Oak Bayou. A place to relax and enjoy the scene:

And a colorful collection of drums on site, a familiar sight to many EPA workers. Wonder what’s inside!

Last, the brand-new storefront of Vinoteca Poscol at 1609 Westheimer near Mandell, in the strip-center space formerly occupied by Café Montrose.

Katharine Shilcutt Gleave, who snapped this shot for Eating Our Words, explains:

Marco Wiles, local celebrity chef and owner of the popular Da Marco and Dolce Vita, is behind this latest venture and the possible creation of a trifecta of amazing Italian restaurants within spitting distance of each other (Da Marco is across the street and Dolce Vita is a few blocks up at Whitney). Word is that Vinoteca Poscol will be a wine and coffee bar cum Italian market, although its uncertain whether they’ll be curing their own meat (hence the salumeria on the awning) or sourcing it.

Vinoteca Poscol is expected to open this March.

Got some interesting neighborhood photos you’d like to share? Send them in!

Photos: Donna B (Igloo parking lot); Flickr user meltedplastic (Heights Armature Works; license); Katharine Shilcutt Gleave (Vinoteca Poscol)

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  • Add a loft, small bath and a hot plate and I would live there.

    Does Igloo sell them?

  • Plus, I’m sorry about the atomic meltdown that was Cafe Montrose. I think I was there the last night. Truly sad.

  • There is another very large Italian Market that just opened up on Washington I noticed recently.

    The name escapes me, but it’s between Yale and Shepherd. It takes a large part of the first floor of a new two story commercial center.

  • @kjb434: You’re thinking of Raia’s Italian Market. While I like Raia’s, it’s not quite in the same ballpark as I’m assuming Vinoteca Poscol will be. Raia’s is a bit like a D’Amico’s in Rice Village, whereas I’m imagining Vinoteca Poscol to be a bit more upmarket / swank / what have you.

    All this aside, Nundini’s on Shepherd is still my favorite Italian deli in town. :)

  • Thanks for the info! I just need to get my butt over there and try it.

    It looks nice from the outside and is by no means a small place, the proof is in the taste.

  • Here’s hoping they come strong with a calamari sandwich half as good as Inoteca on South Congress in Austin.