Southampton Stern and Bucek Mod Back Up for Sale, Back Down $1.75M on Asking Price

2115 Wroxton St., Southampton, Houston, 77005

The double-lot-straddling 2008 Lesem House at 2115 Wroxton is back on the market yet again, this time sporting about a 40 percent discount from the price listed earlier this year (after some gradual price declines since 2013 culminated in a sharp upward jump to $4.5 million last December). Following the increase, the 5-bedroom 2-kitchen home was pulled off the market around the end of May (having crept back down to $3.5 million); the new listing —with its markedly more modest price tag of $2.75 million — showed up last Friday.

This most recent listing seems to have retreated back to some the shots used in older sales attempts, as opposed to the edgier portraits that showed up in December:


2115 Wroxton St., Southampton, Houston, 77005

2115 Wroxton St., Southampton, Houston, 77005

2115 Wroxton St., Southampton, Houston, 77005

2115 Wroxton St., Southampton, Houston, 77005

Photos: HAR

Mod Markdown

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  • As I’ve been saying, if you never want to sell your house, build a contemporary.

  • I can’t wait till reports come out that Commonsense bought this for lot value, a 12-pack of Lone Star and some used shoe laces.

  • Well, it really can’t be that Contemporary is such a turn-off. Folks stay in “mod” hotels and eat at “mod” restaurants all day long.
    However, most don’t have “mod” furnishings to put into such a house…
    Theory: Stage the home with appropriate knock-off pieces and include in the sale (all or part.) Bet you could spend 100K and make 500K!

  • Agree. Mod furniture is hard as heck just to find something remotely comfortable. It’s all super pricey, too. At this price point, that’s less of an issue. But, still you’ve got to decorate a whole house in trendy mod furniture. If you mess up? It will look ridiculous. That’s pretty intimidating. Most people don’t have that level of commitment to an architectural style.

  • Regarding photo #26 on HAR “Her bath are with…”:

    Is that a water closet with bidet and a full glass door?

    I think it is the angle that is throwing me off. Maybe it’s some sort of ceramic stool in the steam shower. I have no clue, but the idea of your “#2 space” having a transparent door perplexes me.

    I won’t even touch on the grammar of the picture captions.

  • It’s got nothing to do with being contemporary. For a few years now contemporary homes have been selling for more per square foot than “traditional” (at least in this price range). However, this home was designed specifically for the owner with strange choices that really affect its perceived value. Along with a weird multi master bathroom layout, It also has a ridiculous amount of built-ins, and some really dated countertops. It also doesn’t help that other homes have copied the downstairs layout for a million dollars less.

    It had a 0.0 chance of selling for $4.5M and $3.5M… It is still hard pressed to get a buyer since it must close in a couple of weeks for all cash and as-is at the bankruptcy court.