10/24/17 4:45pm

COMMENT OF THE DAY: A QUICKER END TO MEMORIAL BEND’S MOD ERA “The Memorial Bend neighborhood (which includes the featured Faust Lane home) was impacted hard by Harvey. It has/had some of the best collections of mid-century modern homes in Houston. Due to escalating land values, their numbers were already dwindling annually before the storm and I’m afraid this will only reduce their numbers faster. At least, we’ll have historic Google street view as a reference.” [Native Houstonian, commenting on Daily Demolition Report: The Faust and the Furious] Photo of 442 Faust Ln.: Griffin Vance

03/09/17 1:15pm


327 Tynebridge Ln., Piney Point, TX 77024

From the street, the bits of the facade of this 1970 home in Piney Point visible through the swath of greenery are mostly covered over in stone — but the sides and remainder of the house features numerous floor-to-ceiling windows and glass walls (not only separating the mirrored bath chamber above from the master suite, but separating a fully indoor pool from the dining room and living room areas). The 3-bedroom home went on the market originally for around $2.4 million, but the asking price dropped to $1,995,000 late last fall. Other conspicuous features include what the home’s listing describes as 20-pound sheets of copper wallpaper employed in the master bedroom, extensive mirroring around the house, and the dense swirl of fantastical beasts wallpapered onto the kitchen ceiling:


Low Profile off Tynewood
10/27/16 3:30pm

214 Voss Rd., Hunters Creek, TX 77024

The 5 master suites in this 6-bedroom home in Hunters Creek Village are tucked out of sight of the pool-surveying viewpoint above, on the second of 4 floors (plus or minus some splitting of levels). The listing for the 1980 home popped up yesterday sporting a $4.496-million asking price and no exterior photographs of the13,963-sq.-ft. structure, which sits on 1.3 acres of well-treed lot backed up against the Houston Racquet Club’s land to the east.

The downstairs wet bar is within easy striking range of the hot tub partitioned away from the main pool:


High But Not Dry
09/22/16 1:00pm

10749 Joann St., Willis, TX, 77318

Don’t fret: The dangling fireplace in this 2-story 1976 home on the eastern shore of Lake Conroe is chained securely in place in the center of the living room’s linoleum-lined couch pit. The 3-bedroom main house is planted right next to a freestanding 1-bedroom guesthouse; the 1.3-acre Willis lot also contains a no-bedroom boathouse and an insert-your-own-bedroom RV-ready metal shed. The house has been floating around on the market since July of 2015, though the price took a $54,000 dip in May.

The upturned corners of the guesthouse’s roof and toppers are visible from Joann St.:


A 3-Bedroom Tour
08/12/16 11:30am

2115 Wroxton St., Southampton, Houston, 77005

The double-lot-straddling 2008 Lesem House at 2115 Wroxton is back on the market yet again, this time sporting about a 40 percent discount from the price listed earlier this year (after some gradual price declines since 2013 culminated in a sharp upward jump to $4.5 million last December). Following the increase, the 5-bedroom 2-kitchen home was pulled off the market around the end of May (having crept back down to $3.5 million); the new listing —with its markedly more modest price tag of $2.75 million — showed up last Friday.

This most recent listing seems to have retreated back to some the shots used in older sales attempts, as opposed to the edgier portraits that showed up in December:


Mod Markdown
05/16/16 4:30pm

5243 Lymbar Dr., Meyerland, Houston, 77096

5243 Lymbar Dr., Meyerland, Houston, 77096

Hitting the market late last week in the neighborhoods of Meyerland and of $425,000: a groovy 1970s home a few doors down Lymbar Dr. from soon-to-be-renamed Johnston Middle School, northeast of the intersection of Willowbend Blvd. with Chimney Rock Dr. The living room of the 2,362-sq.-ft. house features a round concrete fireplace amid wood paneling and sealed brick floors; a shower-side planter setup makes appearances in the master suite’s bathroom.

Here’s the cantilevered porch and striped front door a the top of the home’s circular driveway:


Meyerland Mod