Southern Portion of Revere at River Oaks’ 16-Ft. Canopy Now Awaiting Approval To Front Condo’s Entrance on Welch St.

Making an appearance on the city planning commission’s agenda this week: a proposal for a 16-ft.-deep, aluminum-sheathed steel canopy shown at top outside The Revere at River Oaks condos on Welch St. that’ll soon break ground in place of the 2-story River Oaks Manor condo complex demolished on site last June. Kirksey Architecture’s design for the canopy calls for it to hang out over the condo’s entrance and extend to an adjacent drop-off area, a widening of the existing street that’s planned just north of the 9-story, 33-unit building.

But the approval Pelican Builders is now seeking isn’t for the 4-ft.-5-in. that the canopy will encroach on the public right of way. In the application, the developer states that it already has an agreement for that portion of the structure. Instead, this approval is for the 11-ft.-4-in. section of the canopy between the right of way and the building, which requires a variance separate from the one that already covers the small portion (overlaid with a criss-cross pattern below) that they city has agreed to permit:


Typically, on a local street like Welch, a 10-ft. setback would be required between the public right of way and the beginning of the structure.

Also proposed outside the building: a 5-ft.-wide sidewalk lined with live oaks as well as “various shrubs and ground plantings” that would run along both Welch and Revere streets but be interrupted by the curb cuts for the garage driveways and drop-off area:

Renderings and drawings: Kirksey Architecture

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  • Considering the year-round rain and beauty of them, Houston should be one of the most awning and canopied cities in the world.

  • Montrose is so over.

  • Canopies/cover over sidewalks should be subsidized in this city, not required to jump through extra hoops.

  • @Michael Bludworth …. it’s not in Montrose …. it is in the Upper Kirby area (a bit north of the actual Upper Kirby District boundries)

  • It’s not in Montrose tho

  • As long as it is higher than the tallest moving truck. We don’t have the best track record of truck drivers in general paying attention to over pass or bridge height limits. I know it is not over the road like a bridge but all you need is one truck driver to get close enough and then bam!