Strip Center Art Gallery Makes Room for Installation of Highrise in Museum Park

1517 Blodgett St., Museum Park, Houston, 77004

The demo job on the strip center on Blodgett St. between Crawford and La Branch has finally been completed, following a multi-year pause. Until late last fall, the strip contained Sub-Saharan African art gallery Gallery Jatad (since departed to an Almeda Rd. location), while J Food Mart previously held down the fort on the opposite end of the row — but much of the middle of the complex (left, in the above photo) was gutted in 2013. Demo permits for the rest of the structure were issued on Thursday, and the building was down by late yesterday afternoon, a reader writes.

The land under the strip was bought by Trans Unity Partners in January 2015, with an eye toward developing the spot as the Chelsea at Museum District, an 18-story condo highrise. Back then, Trans Unity was uncertain about moving forward with the plan in light of predicted market conditions.

Specs for the Chelsea at Museum District (not to be confused with the highrise formerly known as Chelsea Montrose) mention 95-ish units atop 6 stories of parking. HAIF user urbannizer even dug up a draft rendering of the project, set artfully amid a field of flowers, last October:


The Chelsea at Museum District, 1501 Blogett St., Museum Park, Houston, 77004

Here’s what was left of the strip center as of yesterday evening, looking from Blogett at the western end:

Demolished 1517 Blogett St., Museum Park, Houston, 77004

Images: Erin A. via Yelp (top photo), Urbannizer via HAIF (rendering of the Chelsea at Museum District), Swamplot inbox (post-demolition photo)

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  • Hey, if they ever build the University line, this building would be a pretty short walk to the Almeda station. Too bad the strip center will be replaced by a building with no retail at all, though.

  • The building was vacated after a fire at the Laundromat it housed. The art gallery survived, but the building appeared to be heavily damaged. That’s probably why they moved out.

    Lovely proposed building and rendering…just not sure how they will create a field of flowers on all sides, as all contiguous blocks are fully developed and full of houses and townhomes. Also, the existing streets would have to but up against the base of the building if it is truly meant to be that large – it will consume the entire footprint of the property.

  • Swamplot: I think it’s “Blodgett”, not “Blogett”.

  • D’oh! Thanks, Memebag!

  • The Architectural Style is Hideous when applied to a modern Highrise. And this ain’t even Randall Davis.

  • Agreed
    Agreed – not attractive. Arches of hughly varying spans just look stupid!

  • I can tell you based on the convo on NextDoor that the neighborhood is estatic that the old strip center has been demolished. It’s been an eye sore for months. Not everybody is excited about a high rise in the middle of the neighborhood. Many prefer a new strip mall with a coffee shop, etc.

    The picture post on HAIF is funny because the area is completely surrounded by townhouses and a new apartment complex to the south/SE.

  • 77004: THE new construction hot spot for : TH’s, Low/ Mid / High rises .. Of course , the funny part is all of the leasing -real estate agents are going to tout the “views” from their respective buildings .Which will probably get blocked by newer high rises. Just like on Post Oak Blvd., between Loop 610 and San Felipe Rd. The Hanover high rise apartment building had killer views south down POB to the Galleria-now Randall Davis built another awful high rise- the Astoria,which has some heinous ,cheap looking aluminum “crown” on top. And Interfin is completing its Four Leaf Place tower #5,,where 24 Hour Fitness used to be.. That stretch of POB is becoming crowded. Thank Goodness my dentists office on the upper floors of the Wells Fargo Tower/ East is on the NORTH side of the tower .Sitting in the chair his patients have unobstructed views north over Tanlgewood. Which can never be built up..Anyway, Houston keeps growing by leaps and bounds.. Change … get in front of it ,go with it or get left behind.

  • Does anyone have any updates on this project? Still happening?