03/27/14 2:00pm

Axis Apartments, 2400 West Dallas St., North Montrose, Houston

Axis Apartments, 2400 West Dallas St., North Montrose, HoustonWhat do you say when the apartment complex you’re featured on teevee news complaining is being built too close to gravesites bursts into flames the very next day? “I don’t think anything I said was incendiary,” feng-shui expert and holistic-life-coaching grad student Trisha Keel tells Houston Chronicle columnist Lisa Falkenberg, the day after the 368-unit Axis Apartments burned to the ground. “Although I’m a passionate person about this city,” she adds.

Keel, who runs a blog featuring feng-shui no-nos she encounters around town, had posted pics showing graves in the Magnolia Cemetery just steps away from north-facing ground-floor patios of the complex at 2400 West Dallas St. Among the dead: members of the Bammel, Wortham, and Halliburton families. “The dead are NOT good neighbors!” she wrote on her blog and Tumblr underneath the photo reproduced at top. “Their decaying energy feeds off your vital life force. Do not live among the dead.” Then she brought her complaints to the  mayor’s office to complain. And a reporter at TV station KHOU.


Words That Burn
09/10/10 11:00am

The big rock hanging out on the Main St. sidewalk in front of the former Weldon Cafeteria building next to the Lawndale Art Center has vanished! The Houston office of architecture firm BNIM had placed the thing there this summer — in consultation with a Feng Shui master — to combat the negative energy lumbering down Wichita St. and pointed straight at the company’s first-floor studio space. Its lease up at the end of August, BNIM jumped ship to new offices in that sorta leafy mid-seventies office park at 4200 Westheimer between Highland Village and BoConcept — all under cover of the protective services provided by that real-as-life crag the company got from San Jacinto Stone:


07/21/10 12:26pm

That rock hanging out on the sidewalk in front of the offices of architecture firm BNIM in the old Weldon Cafeteria building on Main St. is “most definitely real,” Norhill Realty leasing agent Vincent Biondillo tells Swamplot. It came from San Jacinto Stone. What’s it for? Well, Wichita St. ends across the street, shooting all sorts of negative T-junction Feng Shui energy straight at the building. And the availability of large stocks of chi-fortifying Red Bull and Chester Fried Chicken at the Chevron food mart on the corner probably doesn’t help. Biondillo, who’s still trying to lease a few vacant spaces in the building at 4916 Main, explains the rock was placed recently by a Feng Shui Master hired by BNIM to solve the problem.

A chi POV shot and closeups of the Museum District’s fiercest Sha Chi assassin:


12/29/09 2:29pm

“Welcome to the ideal property for train lovers, its located near a semi-active train tract,” begins the listing for this 5-bedroom, 4,164-sq.-ft. home backing up to the tracks on Community Dr. in College Court, the far western edge of West U. Writes the reader who sent it in:

I give them points for having the guts to address the issue head on (may be limiting the pool of buyers by focusing on such a niche though!)

Not mentioned in the $799K listing: the high-voltage power lines that run parallel to the tracks. Also, there’s the bad feng shui: The front door faces onto the end of Judson St.