04/17/18 12:30pm

A NEW HEIGHTS PARK FOR THE SHUTTERED BUS STOP ON N. MAIN? METRO rendered the Heights Transit Center just north of Cavalcade obsolete when its new bus routes went into service in 2015. Although 3 routes still converge below the southern tip of the 0.88-acre, triangular property where Studewood dies into N. Main, not all of them let on at that location and none of them arrive at the covered waiting area riders once used for boarding. Now, reports the Chronicle’s Mike Morris, the City plans to buy the unused lot. The price: $1,425,000, to be funded by fees imposed on developers who didn’t include green space in their projects as specified in a 2007 ordinance. The fees, writes Morris, “must be spent there within three years and can be used only for park improvements.” The city council will vote on the land purchase today. [Houston Chronicle] Photo: Save the Heights Transit Center

05/23/13 1:00pm

Red-crested and around the block from the Heights Transit Center on North Main, an updated 1940 Stude cottage has been sticking to its initial $285,000 asking price. After a 3-month first attempt, ending in February 2013, the neatly trimmed property took a spring break (while the market heated up). Earlier this week, the same agent relisted the basic-but-boosted cottage at the same price. It last sold for $227,000 back in January 2010. That was after a 2009 remodeling project overhauled the interior but kept the old-timey ribbon driveway with hinged gate.