05/02/17 10:00am

Those rumors Swamplot has been hearing lately about an impending changing of hands of Canino Produce farmers market at 2520 Airline Dr. have finally been clarified a bit by Nancy Sarnoff over at the Chronicle: a sales deal is currently in the hammering-out stage between the Farmers Marketing Association of Houston and MLB Capital Partners (the company that owns the Houston Design Center, as well as some other office-y holdings). A rep for the would-be buyers tells Sarnoff that the plan is to keep the market intact, but make it more tourist-worthy, starting with an upgrade to the parking areas and the bathrooms (and maybe later by adding a butcher, a baker, and a candlestick maker brewery to the mix).

Photo: Canino Produce Market

Setting Terms near Sunset Heights
05/23/13 1:00pm

Red-crested and around the block from the Heights Transit Center on North Main, an updated 1940 Stude cottage has been sticking to its initial $285,000 asking price. After a 3-month first attempt, ending in February 2013, the neatly trimmed property took a spring break (while the market heated up). Earlier this week, the same agent relisted the basic-but-boosted cottage at the same price. It last sold for $227,000 back in January 2010. That was after a 2009 remodeling project overhauled the interior but kept the old-timey ribbon driveway with hinged gate.


06/27/11 12:24pm

Coming next April to this Studewood corner just across 8th St. from Antidote Coffee, according to My Table: a second, more food-focused location of the Sonoma Retail Wine Bar and Restaurant on Richmond that backs up to the art galleries on Colquitt. Venture Commercial’s leasing package for the property shows the existing 2,160-sq.-ft. building at 803 Studewood spiffed up, with this adjacent apartment building knocked down to make room for 24 parking spaces: