Taking the Square Route in a Museum District Townhome by Arquitectonica



It’s a square-off. One of Arquitectonica’s colorful, cube-studded townhomes on Graustark St. is back on the market, a year after its last sale, for $345K. This time around, the 30-year-old contemporary property’s asking price is $449,200.



Inside the white-washed space, most of the color pops come from the current furnishings. The western front’s shrouded quad-panel picture window illuminates the dining room (above) and adjacent kitchen. Smaller square portholes punched throughout the crisp-and-clean interior focus and filter lighting between rooms:



The living room, with minimalist fireplace (shown in the photo at the top of this story), is at the back of the 1,831-sq.-ft. home, so the floor-to-ceiling windows catch the rising sun. Most rooms have hardwood flooring:


The back door leads to a fenced patio, located down a short stack of stairs:


Helping draw light into the interior, a totally tubular central staircase (and echo chamber)


is topped by a gabled skylight 3 levels up.


Both bedrooms are on the top level:




A balconette off the front bedroom has both public and private sectors. The view west takes in neighboring Ranch Estates:


There are 2 full bathrooms . . .



and a powder room:


Viewed from above, the updated patio pit is also a cube fest:


The puzzle tiles are a recent addition. Here’s how the same space appeared in the home’s previous listing: (That tweak appears to be the biggest change to the home in the interim.)



Palm trees at curbside salute the row of townhomes’ carport bays. The listed property is second from the right in the photo below, which also shows how the understated front door all but blends into the wall’s grid:


The perky property is located west of Mt. Vernon St. on a street with namesake bridge spanning U.S. 59 a couple blocks to the north. Travel 4 blocks south and 4 blocks east and you’ll reach the city’s fine and contemporary art museums. There’s an open house scheduled for Sunday, around brunch time.

All in a Row

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  • It is insane how high the asking prices are for a Townhome in this city. 9 years ago a builder/real estate agent would be insane to advertise something like this over $200k. It’s quite a shame too, as anything in the range of 200k-300k are either outside the loop, dumps, or too close to the turning basin for comfort. They aren’t building anything affordable anymore, it’s all half a million and up.

  • Come to the Third Ward, we have plenty of beautiful properties that are still pretty reasonable. It’s getting better and safer by the day.

  • Ugh, seriously outdated and small. Not worth the asking price at all!

  • Are you looking for a townhouse, Montrose1100? There are still a few well under $400K. I’ll be listing mine soon.

  • Premium offering price for Retro to the nth degree, including the formica and faucets, but that’s what location, location, location gets you.

  • Location yes, but $100 increase over last year no. I looked at these 20 years ago. Virtually nothing has changed. In major need of a refresh … for over $400k I’d expect updated kitchen and baths and at least an updated coat of exterior paint. Complete pillage..

  • Location, location, location. This is in a nice quiet spot.

  • This unit is thirty years old, and has not fallen down. I’d take a thirty year old good but dated condition townhouse over a new unknown llc developer construction, anyday.

  • They look really beautiful too.

  • very cool, very affordable for the area.

    @michael – prices have gone wild in-town over the last 12 months. don’t hate – go to your bank and get a HELOC.