The Heights Townhome That Came Back from the Dismantled

First it was up, then it sat unfinished for a good long time, then it was down, and now it’s been . . . resurrected! Viula from the Heights Life blog sends in the latest photo of the corner townhouse unit in the former Waterhill Homes development at 8th St. and Nicholson in the Heights (where 8th Avenue Elementary School used to be):

Remember the one they were breaking down on the end? Well, they built it back up again. My husband thinks the ground floor (garage) is the same but I disagree.

Real progress doesn’t always follow a straight-line path, no? Last time we studied this well-weathered unit, you’ll remember, it was indeed on its way down:


Before that it had been looking a bit . . . lonely:

Here’s a view from the previous summer:

Ooh . . . going backwards in townhouse time can make your head hurt. Can we see this all in proper chronological order?

Sure! First:



and now:

Photos: Houston Indymedia (fourth and fifth); The Heights Life (all others)

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  • The construction of these townhomes looks very shoddy at best. Why, suddenly the 3 Little Pigs comes to mind. We (Houston) will see for certain when and if heaven forbid a hurricane his here this year.

  • Do you also have a chronological slideshow of the demise of Jonathan Wasserbelly and Waterhill Homes?

  • I like the small patch of fake stone around the windows, because you can’t have tan stucco without fake stone!

  • I live in the area and walk by this place everyday. The ground floor (garage) is the same. When compared to the house that is being built across the street, my girlfriend and I noticed a significant difference in the framing of the two houses. Shoddy is an understatement.

  • The height of the, ahem, “new one” is off too. It is noticeably different from the others. It will be empty for awhile, I’d say.

  • I stand by my name for this build that I pass daily: Failville.

  • I’ve got a fever, and the old cure for the fever is more 3 story townhomes, damnit!

    You buy ’em, these knuckleheads will keep building ’em.

  • Wow, it looks like anyone could “huff and puff” and blow that condo down! It would not even be a match for one of Houston’s signature downpours. Hope it comes with complimentary life preservers. Good luck with selling that…..thing.

  • And how long did the school trashed partially for this shining edifice stand?

  • What is to become of the condo’s on the 2nd row that are all half built and in disrepair? I just love seeing all of that blight when on the walking path.

  • Two words come to mind. Buyer beware.

  • Perhaps three more words:

    Absentee landlord rentals?

  • but wait, might this end unit have been required to be rebuilt to conform to a set-back requirement (since it’s at the corner?)
    Clearly it’s 2nd level doesn’t project, like the others in the row.
    (the tinier roof overhangs look stupid – like a mistake – however.)

  • People are a fickle breed! Why not praise the builder that is rebuilding these townhomes.
    They have been an eyesore for several years now. Homes today are required by city codes to be structurally engineered and built to withstand hurricane winds.The homes are being rebuilt by a much better builder than Waterhill homes.

  • I agree with CDS. It is so reassuring to see positive changes happening especially in this economy. Are all of you people just so negative that you refuse to give credit where credit is due. This is great news! Even if the community is completed one row at a time that is far better than watching Tyvek blowing in the breeze. By the way, those are not townhomes they are separate single family homes, you can tell that none of them are connected. The construction actually looks much better than homes that were built years ago which is more good news. I worked for a builder 35 years ago and back then the city let so much slip by it is surprising any of it is still standing. Have you ever looked at the “remodel jobs” done on the old run down houses in the Heights area, much of it was done by unskilled trades and didn’t have to pass any inspections. It is easy to pick on this project but look around the neighborhood as closely as you are at these homes and you will realize what a good thing this is. Thank you “builder” for giving this area a much need boost. Please keep up the good work.

  • Some of you may remember that we worked really hard on a petition to prevent these 67 units from being built and to keep these blocks single family homes. Many people would not sign. We also circulated a petition to prevent the 8 60 or so year old, beautiful oak trees from being cut down…but again, for some reason, everyone would not go on record.

    The next time we have the opportunity to protect our neighborhood, I hope everyone remembers this tragedy.

    Oh, I forgot to mention all the cars that now parralel park along 8th. Just imagine what the streets will be like when the other 55 units are complete.

  • JLK, they are in business to make a profit. Not to make give our neighborhood a boost. And, it is obvious that quality is not priority to them either. Sorry to be negative…but this will not be a boost. If they had turned that into green space instead of craming in 67 units, and go back to single family homes with average sized lots…that would be a boost. They are just completing the stacking them deep and selling them cheap project that waterhill started…only their making them even cheaper.

  • I really wanted that school to stay i attended and wanted my kids to attend … now stupif town homes ugh!!!