The New Tiny, Ultra-Mod Police Memorial Police Station on Memorial Dr.

Houston Police Department Officer's Memorial Guard Post, Memorial Dr., Buffalo Bayou Park, Houston

Here’s the just-completed 250-sq.-ft. Memorial guard post recently completed in Buffalo Bayou Park. It’s right by that spot just south of Buffalo Bayou from Glenwood Cemetery where you’ll always find a cop car or 2, standing guard by the Houston Police Officers Memorial. The sculptor of that 1991 memorial, Jesús Moroles, was killed in an auto accident earlier this month. The new building, designed by Brave Architecture, is meant to allow the off-duty officers posted there to have more of a public presence as they keep an eye on the memorial through the large windows. It will also function as a small visitors center for the memorial.

Photo: José Luis Ayala Vargas

Guard Post

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  • Why do we pay police officers to watch over memorial? Are they afraid of vandalism?

  • The article stated that those are off-duty officers.

  • @Fernando Along those same lines, why do we repeat things that are clearly stated for people who don’t bother reading?

  • The memorial is guarded 24-hours a day by volunteer Houston Police personnel. They maintain an unbroken vigil in honor of their fallen comrades.

  • Considering the complete and total distrust of the police by a large portion of America perhaps they are indeed guarding it from vandals. I’ve always wondered if any other cities have a weird looking cenotaph guarded by off duty police volunteer’s?

  • OK, so I missed the key words “off-duty” as I scanned the page in 3 seconds.

  • Less writing, more reading. Less talking, more listening.

  • I like it – wish it had bathrooms though!

    It’s nice having a police presence there in the middle of the park. The memorial itself is very cool – go check it out sometime.