This Is the Spot on White Oak Dr. Where Golden Bagels and Coffee Will Land

It may not look like a hole lot is going on in there in this photo taken a few months ago, but the 2,492-sq.-ft. 1940-vintage retail building at the southeast corner of White Oak Dr. and Oxford St. in the Heights — a crooked saunter across the street from Onion Creek Coffee House and a lot and a street down from the Heights hike-and-bike trail (and this) — will be filled with bagels this summer, promises its new proprietor. Behind its plywood poker face, the property at 3119 White Oak Dr. has been stuffed with a bagel oven, tile-front counters, and a walk-in refrigerator, according to the social media accounts of the establishment, known as Golden Bagels and Coffee. Soon to be on the menu, in addition to the comestibles promised in the shop’s name: local cured and smoked fish.


Photos: Swamplot inbox

Bagels for the Heights

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  • Ooooooh! Things I miss living in Meyerland: Belden’s, Fadi’s (that one in particular) and the NY Bagel Shop. Things I don’t miss: Rude retirees from the northeast and Braes Bayou flooding (which got worse after I left). I hope this new place has all of the good that NYBS had and none of the bad. :)

  • Really? Bagels? Is there really a need for bagels? Does anyone actually crave a bagel? I give it a year before it becomes something else.

  • I really really really really crave bagels (originally from the NY metro area) and I live in the Heights so I am quite pleased with this.

    Here’s to hoping that the product is at least as good as what you can get in Meyerland.

  • First Indian food now this! I am so close to heaven – separated only by the lack of neighborhood deed restrictions and the possibility that every major street in the Heights is going to have a a loud and annoying bar on it with no plan for parking.