This Time with Fair Warning: Galleria Bank Collapse

This weekend’s Galleria-area bank implosion won’t be televised nationally, but you should be able to watch it happen live if you wake up early enough on Sunday. Preparations for the dynamite-fueled takedown of the Compass Bank building at 2200 Post Oak are just about complete.

A notice sent out last month to area businesses by Cherry Demolition says the implosion is scheduled for approximately 7:45 am on March 15th — which happens to be the 2,053rd anniversary, give or take a calendar adjustment, of the Julius Caesar demo. A few details:

Adjacent streets will be closed at approximately 6:00 am and re-open at 9:15 am. Streets to be closed are Guilford and Post Oak Boulevard between Westheimer and Ambassador Way.

So where’s the best vantage point for viewing this cathartic form of timely public theater gonna be?


After a phone call to Cherry, HAIF user Highway6 reports:

The official viewing area is the parking lot in front of Sports Authority, however the person i talked to said the parking garage just north of Guilford is not in the secure area and will not be closed down by them. I don’t know how secure that garage normally is, but even if you can’t get your car up there, walking to the roof shouldn’t be a problem.

Also in the HAIF Compass Bank discussion, former corner-office tenant InTheLoop issues this farewell ode:

There was SERIOUS net worth officing there: 3 or 4 big family trusts had space (names you’ve probably heard), probably several million $ inventory of watches/jewelry for sale at 3-4 businesses. I saw George Foreman and Elvin Hayes visiting their estate planners up the hall. . . .

Yes, that land is far too valuable for a 7 story building with a giant drive-thru bank eating up space. Yes, the bank was robbed at gunpoint in daylight, and yes, 2″ of rain caused ankle+ deep water in the motley garage, but it was well-built and I thought the sidewalks and interior were very attractive. Even the exterior was mildly attractive, in my view.

The Redstone Companies haven’t officially announced plans for the site, but rumors swirling on HAIF from last summer — well before the local market compass switched directions — focused on a development featuring condos, retail, and a “very, very high-end 5-star hotel.”

Photos: Netherlands Consulate, Houston

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