A Small Ranch on a Big Preserve in Timbergrove Manor




The nature of this ravine-lot home in Timbergrove Manor is looking a bit . . . reserved. Earlier this week, the woodsy property (with saltwater pool and path to a bayou-let) appeared on the market. Asking price: $450,000 $405,000. Updates over the years have boosted the property’s energy efficiency, natural lighting, and counter space. The latter starts right off the entry . . .



The glass-paneled front door, with privacy curtain, opens into a front room currently sharing office and dining duties:



The change in flooring from hardwood to tile indicates the domain of the den:




Another pass-through office space (above) occupies the transition to the vaulted portion of the ceiling. At the back of the home’s main living space, there are glass-panel doors and a peak-hugging window offering peeks at the patio:


Counters wrap around the updated kitchen. HCAD indicates 1991 renovations,  but subsequent tweaks are apparent in several parts of the home. The listing also mentions low-E windows, a tankless water heater, and an updated electrical system.




The home, measuring 1,424 sq. ft., has 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. The back bedroom has direct access to the patio and pool:



The other bedroom faces the street, which gives its name to the neighborhood:



The 2-car garage also holds the utility room.


A walkway (still on the 12,000-sq.-ft. lot) heads off through the woods (see photo at the top of the story) and provides access to a “seasonal creek” — which pours south into White Oak Bayou — somewhere in the midst of this band of trees:


Bug Spray Not Included

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  • That is not a “seasonal creek”, it’s a trash filled drainage ditch called Turkey Creek which is the same body of water that runs by the incorrectly named Cedar Creek bar & restaurant in Shady Acres. It’s slightly confusing, but there is no doubt that Turkey Creek trickles year round. In any event, I would guess this house has flooded in the past and will flood again in the future.

  • A 1400sqft home for $405k it is like $75k to $100k overpriced nice home nice area I just think the area is overpriced

  • That’s a lot of money for a home that will surely flood.

  • 1500 sq ft houses in Timbergrove East of TC Jester on smaller lots have been selling for $400k+, West of TC Jester is pricier.

  • Cedar Creek isn’t incorrectly named. It’s not named for anything in the area. Consider the names of all of The Creek Group’s cafes.

  • The waterway is called Turkey Gully on the HCFCD map, and also indicates the property is in a 100 year floodplain.

  • I’m pretty sure that the three “Creek” restaurants in/around the Heights are named after either actual creeks or areas, or both, in Austin. That fact that they did that annoys me along with the sign that says “Welcome to Hill Country”.

  • I *almost* bought a house right near there a few months ago. Interesting area, but buying in a floodzone nowadays? That’s madness. That said, for those saying this is overpriced it really is a huge lot.

  • Holy moly! That’s the price for a house that size in the floodplain in that area! I guess i am destine to be an outerlooper someday shortly.

  • $405k, not $450k.

  • @Jim: Thanks for catching our error in transcribing the asking price. It’s fixed now.

  • OK.How many cars have ended up in the pool? And the brick floor in the kitchen looks ok, but they’re hell to stand on for long periods of time: either Pergo or Gel Pro Mats…Your feet /legs will thank you. Love the pool /deck/backyard area..I also wonder how many times the yard/pool/house has flooded due to the proximity to the “seasonal creek ” ? @ Rex: ALL of Houston IS a flood zone,regardless of what the FEMA or HCFCD maps show. Past rainstorms /hurricanes/Tropical Storm Allison proved otherwise. @ everyone shocked at the asking price: IT is priced for the land/lot and the house/improvements.Which now is down to a 3 month inventory of properties. Most ,if not all , homes on the ground in Houston mostly likely can/will flood given enough rainfall….