Has This Man Been Pooping in Your Yard? Or Only on Byrne St. in Woodland Heights?

Man Defecating on Sidewalk, Woodland Heights, Houston

An enterprising Woodland Heights resident set up a camera in a tree in front of her home in order to capture images of the man who had been repeatedly pooping on the sidewalk and driveway of her residence and other homes in and around the 500 block of Byrne St. And . . . success! The animated image above, culled from surveillance footage provided to HPD and Channel 2 reporter Jennifer Bauer, shows the perpetrator in the act and its immediate aftermath — though, fortunately, the foreground leaves tastefully shield our view from most of the nastiness.

Bauer, though, provides helpful commentary:


“If you look closely in the upper left corner,” she notes, “those white things are pieces of paper towel. One homeowner tells Local 2 he brings them along to clean himself up, then leaves them behind on the sidewalk.”

Bauer reports that the man reportedly left more than 6 separate deposits in front of one home; typically, he does his business at night or early in the morning. Follow-on news reports have tagged the perpetrator a “serial defecator”; it’s likely the surveillance images will be more helpful than that M.O. alone in identifying him.

Image: Click2Houston

The Poop on the Street

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  • This is why I stay on my side of the bayou.

  • If he has targeted the same home 6 times, more than likely the homeowner has some idea of who he is and why he’s doing it.

  • Someone did a naughty!!!!!!!! Bad man!! Baaaaaaaaaaaaddddddd man!


  • Watch your step, Houston.

  • Okay, we may not have the retail in the east end, no cupcake stores or tanning parlors or Whole Foods, but we also don’t have people routinely sh***ing in our yards. No, actually we don’t. If someone did, you would have heard about a shooting by now.

  • Hmmm…I live in Westbury and someone on the Next Door app said that this had also happened to a neighbor on their street very recently. It’s an epidemic!

  • He’s probably a save-the-bungalow type who’s mad about a new build. Those people can be downright nasty. Wouldn’t put this past them.

  • Good thinking Heightsguy.
    Or maybe he is a mid-rise guy who wants to make it unpleasant for bungalow people. Sheesh.

  • Perhaps he’s interested in the house and wants to mark his territory—it’s a hot Real Estate market, maybe he’s just being creative…seriously, this is really disgusting, I mean really, what would motivate you to do this sort of thing? Maybe it’s his protest against all the crazy anti dog poop crowd, who knows.

  • @eastender

    Depends on which part of the East End =) While no one poops in my yard, it’s not unusual to find poop in front of my office, over near Dowling.

  • there’s gotta be an awesome dog poop war story related to all this somehow

  • What a sh*tty thing to do.

  • I think that this has been going on for some time. We live closer to Heights Blvd and someone did this in my next-door neighbor’s yard about 5 years ago. Also, a few months ago, I saw the “evidence” in another neighbor’s yard, complete with tissue!

  • …and you thought dog crap was nasty. Finding something like that would put me over the top…