A New Titan Townhome Stand at Goliad and Crockett, Near New Hope’s Old First Ward Defeat

Proposed Las Ventanas development at Goliad and Crockett St., Old First Ward, Houston, 77007

Down at the Old First Ward corner of Goliad and Crockett — catty-corner from where New Hope Missionary Baptist Church made its last stand in August — another crop of townhomes is moving off on the digital drawing board and toward construction phases, according to a rep from Titan Homes. (Bypassing opportunities for thematic streetname tie-ins, the company appears to have steered away from the Alamo-nouveau aesthetic deployed in its project on the newly-thinned edge of Little Thicket Park in Shady Acres.)

The 6 members shown above of 8 home set (together called Las Ventanas by the developer) face Goliad St.; newly drawn lot lines on file with the city suggest the 2 other houses will face Crockett. A rendering from one of the 4th floor terraces facing toward downtown suggests a view unobstructed by all the other townhomes cropping up in the area:


Proposed Las Ventanas development at Goliad and Crockett St., Old First Ward, Houston, 77007

Renderings: Titan Homes

Winds of Change in First Ward

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  • It’s never a question of “if” those kind of porches will leak. It’s “how soon” will they leak especially where the floor and walls meet.

  • Love it! Who the F#*@ needs street parking anyway.

  • This picture really illustrates one of the particular insanities of off-street parking requirements. When the 2 required spots per household end up removing more than 2 off-street spots.

  • I’m sure it is to visually break up the monolithic display of townhomes but I’d like all of the cars to be parked inside the garage and not on the driveway in these renderings.
    Just a subliminal hint that cars should not be seen outside of the garage – after all, isn’t the point of a garage to garage a car? (Not to be one big storage space for all the claptrap one buys at Bed Bath and Beyond or Ross.)

  • Some of my Montrose neighbors have a townhouse with a driveway like this. They find it difficult to park their five cars in the garage + driveway without blocking the sidewalk. I’ll file this under “unclear on the concept of a walkable neighborhood”.

  • The parking in this town makes no sense. How hard is it to require that a certain amount of linear feet remain when re-platting a parcel?