What’s Sticking Up Near and Underneath 2929 Weslayan’s Frilly Skirt

A couple of projects on the near and more distant horizons at the corner of Weslayan and W. Alabama turned a reader’s head this week as he passed by the short-skirted base of the 2929 Weslayan highrise. To the west, a sign posted alongside the parking lot of the half-moon-footed 2900 Weslayan office midrise bears a rendering of a new retail building PMRG is planning for the site. A few more views of the 6,500-sq.-ft. project make a somewhat rosy appearance in the new leasing materials for the space:


On the other side of Weslayan, tucked beneath the frills of the 2929 Weslayan tower itself (which stands just about where the Confederate House and eventual vanquisher State Grill once did), the stick-y buildout of palindromic Japanese restaurant Roka Akor appears to be nearly finished ahead of its planned early-summer-ish opening.

Photos: Jeremy Hughes (photos); Loopnet (renderings)

Sneaking Some Peeks

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  • Sure, because that intersections need just a bit more traffic…..

  • Maybe the Black Angus is making a comeback and this time with extremely secure signage.

  • easily one of the most hideous building podiums in Houston, not to mention a terrible copy cat of studio-gang’s aqua tower!