Where Another Pearl Is Headed, on Washington Ave

Site of Future Pearl Washington Ave Apartments, 5424 Washington Ave at T.C. Jester, Houston

Here’s the scene at the northeast corner of Washington Ave and T.C. Jester this weekend (the view is from Schuler St., to the north), where lots are being cleared for a new apartment complex. It’ll be called the Pearl Washington Ave, after the other Pearl-brand apartments the Morgan Group has developed around town, but not necessarily after Washington Ave’s Pearl Bar. Permits filed with the city don’t yet indicate the size of the project, but the newly assembled parcel at 5424 Washington Ave measures 3.1 acres and extends all the way to Detering St. And commenters on HAIF are noting that it’s expected to be 8 stories tall — and may include some sort of retail space. Buildings currently on the site, including Gary Fruge Automotive, are being removed.

Photo: Swamplot inbox

8 Story Apartments, with Retail?

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  • This site has tons of potential.

  • Enough with the OVER development of Houston cheered on by the builders whore Annise Parker..

  • @Patrick – Strongly worded…so what exactly are you against? Apartments? Development generally? And what is the alleged link between this project and the mayor? You obviously have some beef, but just blathering expletives doesn’t educate the rest of us on what it is you see that we don’t.

  • Ah yes, but will it still have open drainage ditches around it?

  • Thanks for nothing, Patrick.

  • I would like to lodge my protest against the development of this site for anything that anybody might want to develop. It would be perfectly suitable as a cemetery, as long as nobody tries to build one of those things there and if that happens then I’ll be opposed to it. Are you listening Anise Parker!? You can’t fool me. I’ve got my eyes on you. If you don’t listen to me then the internet will be very angry at you. You don’t want that. It would be very creepy, I assure you.

  • Clearly Patrick hasn’t been out shopping for an apartment in any of Houston’s desirable inner loop neighborhoods recently. Availability is low. Rents are high. Houston is far from over developed. Companies in Houston are hiring. Good paying jobs are plentiful. Young adults with college degrees and good jobs want to live inside the loop. The only reason some choose to live elsewhere is because they are priced out of the prime locations.

    Every time one of these new complexes gets built, Houston makes room for 400-500 more residents. That’s 400-500 more customers for the bars, restaurants, coffee shops, banks, grocery stores, etc. It also adds $40-$50 million of additional value to the tax base. It tells companies that not all their employees want to live in the suburbs.

    Out with the old. In with the new. That’s the Houston way. And I like it.