Where Houston’s First Virtual Reality Bar Will Exist in Meatspace

The new bar planned for the 20,878-sq.-ft. warehouse at 3229 Navigation Blvd. in Houston’s East End that earlier this decade was home to Fred’s Trailer Truck Supply will be called Straylight Run and serve — according to its promoters — as Houston’s first-ever “Virtual Reality Bar.” That’s the conclusion of some internet sleuthing by HAIF (and Swamplot) commenter CrockpotandGravel, who after seeing Swamplot’s report on the alcohol license procured for the spot at the corner of Navigation and Engelke tracked down the establishment’s website, a (possibly spurned) logo proposal, and Instagram feed.


The name Straylight Run appears to be a reference to a raid of Villa Straylight, the space-station home of the cryogenically inclined Tessier-Ashpool family in the seminal (and astonishingly predictive) 1984 William Gibson novel Neuromancer and its 2 Sprawl trilogy sequels. There’s also an indie rock band of the same name.

Photos of 3229 Navigation Blvd.: LoopNet (top); Johnny Mann Jr. (bottom 2)

Straylight Run on Navigation

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  • So … drunks in VR helmets just banging into each other? Or virtual drinks for that make your avatar wobbly? I thought the point of VR was I didn’t have to go to bars anymore.

  • grand opening…grand closing

  • “Straylight Run” is a pretty good name. Some others:
    “Puke Helmet”
    “The Spins”
    “Lice Farm”
    “Pickpocket’s Delight”
    “Spew Rose Hotel”

  • Ohhh, I really like the name now that you guys put the pieces together. Very nice.

  • Oh, that made me cringe so hard I almost snapped my spine. Indie rock band virtual reality hipster bull. I mean, it’s Houston we’re talikng about, home to some of the best bars and steakhouses in America, and I’m not exagerrating.
    Why is this happening, America? What the hell, Texas? you’re supposed to have class, I love you for it. I just hope that this virtual reality gimmick dies fast, and a better restaurant may open in place of what I imagine this Straylight Run. Also, shitfaced people in helmets is not a good idea. i imagine al ot of work for medics and cops.