Why Our Condo Towers Will Be So Much Better Than Everybody Else’s, and Why We’re Building 3 of Them

A reader who was sent a link to an earlier version of this long promotional video earlier today is eager to learn whether the Skye, Rise, and Edge — the 3 condo towers promised in it — are “real or vaporware.” And continues: “The promise of a 12 month delivery was what immediately stood out for me. Anyone in commercial construction will tell you that it is next to impossible unless it’s a vanity project in Dubai with no budget limitations.” Otherwise, the reader notes, “It felt like an SNL skit.

Video: Elevated Living

Elevated Living

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  • Don’t we already have two condo buildings called Rise and Edge???

  • In the autoplay video on their website, they have close shots of other condo towers in Houston, including 2727 Kirby.

    Maybe this is just a real estate brokerage?

  • Based upon what others have said from HAIF, the renderings of the highrises would appear to be towers already under construction in Toronto. The website is also registered in Canada so perhaps the developers are Canadian…? For example, the Skye tower presented in the video is actually Aura at College Park in Toronto.

  • I’d prefer a more straight-forward approach like, mentioning where these will be.

  • Great video. I’m not sure what they’re doing, but since I am in the real estate community in Houston and I have seen do many proposed projects never happen, they may be on to something. Remember Turnberry? Monaco? Shamrock? Orion?

    Real estate development, especially condo developers are full of bull shit. They aren’t promising development they are inviting it. Nobody else is building condos.

    I’ll keep an eye on this. I’m tired of all the so called luxury apartments – they aren’t. The prices are amazing.

    Editor: can you find the “ratings” they reference in the video? I’ve never seen high rise condos rated. Everything else is.

  • This is an agent that was with Sudhoff Properties and what they are doing is just the good old bait and switch. Shock – sign up and then they take you somewhere else. Nothing good from either. There is no way they will get out of city permitting and impact studies in 12 months. What a con….

  • A space needle? Look closely at 0:27 We’re gettin’ a purple space needle. That’s way better than the Seattle needle.

  • BEWARE THIS SCAM. This same scam made the rounds in Austin and Dallas – it’s a huckster who tries to get public interest in joining a “list” to “get a chance to buy”… then they try to cheat you out of deposit money. The project has no financing, no location, and a completely unrealistic price point and timeline. It is not actually associated with the reputable realtor chains listed. Swamplot should be careful and warn members because in this housing market many people are so desperate to believe this is true a lot of folks could lose money.

  • Wow! I ALMOST feel sorry for those folks that fall for that hilarious video.

    I agree that the 12 mos construction was a red flag. As well as…Every freaking amenity known to mankind (and some new ones – indoor pet playground?)? No mention of an architect? Contractor? Location? Start date? Finish date? “Yes sir! Sign me up! I will have the deposit money as soon as that nice Nigerian Prince’s accounts are unfrozen!”

    BTW – I disagree that it’s like an SNL skit — those are based on at least some sort of truth!

  • LEEDS Certification? If the U.S. Green Building Council won’t certify your building, a city in England will :)

  • My God who chose that narrator??? What an awful voice–Bueller? Bueller?—taking pot shots at your competion is a bit childish, the whole presentation was cheesy beyond belief. ..and you know the saying –if it seems to be to good to be true, it probably is!