With Better Luck Tomorrow, Dry Creek Is About To Get Very Wet Later This Month

WITH BETTER LUCK TOMORROW, DRY CREEK IS ABOUT TO GET VERY WET LATER THIS MONTH Dry Creek Cafe, 544 Yale St., Houston HeightsThe spot on the corner of White Oak Dr. and Yale St. where Dry Creek Cafe (pictured) closed down last year is expected to open next month as a “neighborhood bar with food that meets restaurant standards.” Proprietors Bobby Heugel (who got his start at Anvil) and Justin Yu (who shut down Oxheart) know a bit about each, respectively. The newly renovated space at 544 Yale will be called Better Luck Tomorrow, they announced today. [Eater Houston; previously on Swamplot] Photo: Andy M.

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  • yawn…….no Clumsy Butcher? Now La Plata?……..ugggggggg. No thank you.

  • Is it just me or are hipster faux foodie restaurants are dropping like flies?

  • Common-yes. Eventually the icehouse concept is the best. After all these places exist on getting people to drink and feel ok about it because “I went there for the food”.

  • No. And good riddance.

  • nothing hipsterish about yuppie bars & restaurants. you’ll be surrounded by them soon enough on your side.

  • Well someone has to cater to the influx of soccer moms who now call The Heights home. Personally I feel a neighborhood bar implies relaxed atmosphere with no fuss and simple yet delicious food. Not overcrowded and uptight restaurant chic attracting crowds from afar.

  • The article says they will focus on hyper-seasonal ingredients. Sorry, but I only eat ultra-seasonal ingredients.

  • Joel: No we won’t.

  • An agressive wine list and hyper seaonal. I might not fit it in, it sounds cute a litle fussy.I was one of original heights scoccer mom 20 yrs ago, pretty happy with my La Crema chardonnay or a Bellini, we survived the barren Heights era. Yay. It’s so nouveau riche now. LOl !

  • @secureourborderNOW—actually Donald, yes, you will. Your in the minority now pal–take your cowboy boots and get to steppin!