Ashby Highrise: Down to a Loading Dock?

ASHBY HIGHRISE: DOWN TO A LOADING DOCK? Buckhead Investments has resubmitted plans for the proposed Ashby Highrise for the single permit standing in the way of construction. “[Developer Matthew] Morgan said the developers have asked for a variance concerning the design’s loading dock, adding that ‘plenty of examples’ of similar configurations ‘can be found on thoroughfares and collector streets’ in the area. One example he cited is the new high-end, 236-unit apartment complex called Fairmont Museum District at 4310 Dunlavy St. ‘It seems to have loading docks that you can’t pull through,’ Morgan said. ‘Dunlavy is a collector street. We don’t feel like the same criteria was used.’ [West University Examiner; previously]

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  • Well,

    I guess that traffic argument that StopAshby guys have been putting there last stand on is gone.

    If all they want is a variance, it should be a big issue. Variances like this are always submitted and usually pushed through.

    The loading dock will have to be on Bissonet or Ashby. Bissonet has more room to not be completely blocked when moving trucks or garbage trucks need access to the building.

  • Why do you think this will be approved? Just because they ask for a variance doesn’t mean they will get it.

    And having a loading dock on Biss or Ashby is still an incredibly dumb idea.

  • Actually the argument is not gone. The city for the 6th time today did not approve the plans and have returned them to the developers. The city did not approve the variance due to the blockage of traffic on Bissonet that would occur by trucks accessing the loading docks.

  • Rise High Ashby High Rise!

  • Ashby High Rise is a disgrace. Builders will destroy a beautiful RESIDENTIAL neighborhood. Simply GO elsewhere where it’s appropriate. Shame on them and their greed.
    Bad Karma!