By Moody Park, Where the Metal Hits the Road

A reader sends in this photo showing the results of a recent heavy metal delivery to the median of Fulton St. across from Moody Park: Rails, for the coming 5.3-mile North Line extension to Lindale Park. Swamplot’s Northside construction correspondent reports the street appears paved and ready for the tracks to be installed.

Photo: Swamplot inbox

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  • You should see the sparks fly when they weld the track together!

  • I didn’t realize it was so far along. Should be cool once complete (aas long as dump trucks don’t hit it)

  • Old news! The East End Line had its track delivered months ago at the Lockwood/Harrisburg lot. Most of those tracks have been installed and set already. While other sections are in the process of being placed.

  • I assumed the eastside was further along since they broke ground first. I haven’t seen pix yet though. I’ve been following it on metro’s website

  • The East end line is further along, and oddly, it is the line that has the least amount of FTA money coming to it. Unfortunately, the re-design under the railroad is going to set the whole thing back significantly, those folks are probably looking at 2015-16 before stepping on board.

  • Oooh! Next time there’s a riot at Moody Park, I can take the train!

  • Really? Tell me more about these non-existent riots. On second thought, maybe you should stick to Washington Ave… you know, where it’s safe & splattered with ed hardy.

  • Really? Never heard of the Moody Park riots? Does the name Jose Campos Torres ring a bell?

  • No, but from what I read, that incident took place 35 years ago (before I was born). I didn’t let the Walt Whitman tragedy scare me away from the UT campus either.

  • Yes, it was a long time ago. But if you talk to any of the oldtimers, you’ll get an earfull.

  • This community is far from inducing a riot these days, we just want our sidewalks fixed and a rail car to ride downtown. NorthsideGirl – Jose Campos Torres was a victim of HPD police brutality that resulted in his death, this enraged many as it appeared to be racially motivated and the officers that killed him got off with probation and $1 fine. The police presence during a fiesta at Moody Park caused some folks to get stirred up and start burning shit, took out some local merchant’s windows, burned a cop car or two, full scale mayhem for a day. This seems to be the one event that Moody Park is remembered for, when it should be revered for its incredible view of downtown while watching a soccer game or eating ice cream.