01/03/14 2:15pm

IS FISH AND THE KNIFE CUTTING BAIT? Fish and the Knife, 7801 Westheimer Rd., Briarmeadow, HoustonRestaurant review website b4-u-Eat appears to have given up all hope of sushi bar, nightclub, and restaurant Fish and the Knife ever opening. That’s kind of a big deal for a project that’s been under construction since 2010. The huge modern building at the corner of Westheimer and Stoney Brook Dr. (just west of Voss) appears to be complete, but all communication has suddenly gone dark. “They expected to open Oct, Nov, Dec 2013,” reports the site newsletter, “but didn’t and their facebook page with all construction photos disappeared this week.” [b4-u-eat; previously on Swamplot] Photo: Swamplot inbox

09/11/13 10:00am

APARTMENTS COULD REPLACE CLOSING LANDRY’S ON WESTHEIMER The Landry’s Seafood House at 8816 Westheimer Rd. has lost its lease, apparently, and will close: This Sunday, reports Food Chronicles, brings the restaurant’s 20-year run in this spot to an end. But it doesn’t appear that the 4.5-acre site at Westheimer and Fondren will remain without activity for very long: “The landlord . . . sold the property to an apartment builder. According to Landry’s, the restaurant and other buildings . . . are slated for demolition.” [Food Chronicles] Photo: Landry’s Seafood

03/13/13 12:00pm

This Briarmeadow contemporary with broken-pediment facade bleached its previously ruddy exterior as part of an all-over renovation sometime after last December. That’s when it was bought by its current seller — for $247,000. It’s back on the market now, lighter in color but heftier in price, listed for $449,900. The home’s dog-leg driveway across the front lawn still feeds into a side-entry garage, now showing a newly uncovered cinema-screen expanse of wall to the street. Replacement landscaping at the base of that blankness will screen more of it, eventually. Despite the speedy roof-to-garden change-outs outside and flooring-to-cabinetry swap-outs inside, the listing explicitly declares that the transformed 1977 property is “NOT A FLIP.”


02/19/09 2:14pm

How easy is it to win the Neighborhood Guessing Game? If this week’s round is any indicator: It’s a breeze. Of course, it helps if nobody else comes close.

There were 2 guesses each this week for Willowbend, Jersey Village, and Walnut Bend. Other guesses traveled as far as Wharton, Porter, and Splendora. The rest: Briargrove, “a nicer part of Spring Branch,” Clear Lake, Missouri City, Briar Forest, Tealwood, Yorkshire, Katy, “west or southwest, close to a Home Depot and elementary school,” Oak Forest, Garden Oaks, Friendswood, southwest Houston, Meadows Place, Hearthstone, Alief, Mission Bend, and Westchase.

Nobody named the correct neighborhood! But not all of the guesses were wrong. Which one was right?

How about this snarky entry:

Single story, black aluminum frame windows, vaulted ceilings, and a plethora of ceiling fans indicate this is a pre-oil bust tract home. The house has had some custom woodwork installed by a weekend warrior owner, but they never got around to staining or painting it. I’m guessing west or southwest, close to a Home Depot and elementary school.

So let’s plot those coordinates: 1.4 miles to the Westheimer Home Depot. 1.1 miles to Piney Point Elementary. Close enough! Howard Hughes, you just won a one-year individual membership in the Rice Design Alliance. Congratulations!

An honorable mention goes to Pat, for getting the time frame right:

Well, 60s, not 50s. Bathrooms are more spacious. So there’s that. Then someone did some very interesting handi-crafting there in the 80s, during that “let’s do everything pink and blue” period “and while we’re at it, let’s bump out windows and then turn a boat or two upside down and make them the ceiling.”

You want some details on this place?