Comment of the Day: Will the New Bike Trail System Be This Shocking?

COMMENT OF THE DAY: WILL THE NEW BIKE TRAIL SYSTEM BE THIS SHOCKING? Biking Along a Powerline Easement“Here’s something a little off topic but has to do with putting trails on power easements. Has anyone ever experienced what happens when you ride under the lines down the dirt road in Memorial Park? The electromagnetic field actually shocks you where you are touching the frame or handlebars especially during peak Summer usage hours and when sweaty. Not sure if that’s ever been addressed.” [j, commenting on FPSF Moving Next to the Astrodome; I-10 Toll Hike Delay; Secrets of the I-45 Redo Plan] Illustration: Lulu

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  • A conductor moving through a magnetic field (created by the power lines) does indeed generate voltage.

  • Please don’t give commonsense another reason to hate on biking…

  • Because you are insulated from earth on your tires, you build up electric charge as you pass under the elec lines.
    Touch sground, or some metal of the bike, and the electrons discharge to that better conductor. And you feel the shock. Like touching a door knob under the right conditions…

  • I walk my dog there every day and the grass electrocutes my ankles and if I touch anything on my dog other than the leash he electrocutes me. When I ride my bike there I’m pretty sure it’s not much different than being in an electric chair… It’s like I’m being stung by a hundred bees. Can’t pretend I’m not concerned that I’m riddled by cancer from my repeated trips but I’ve survived aspartame so far!

  • Dr. Faraday!??
    Oh wow, so much emotion right now, I don’t even know where to begin. Can I call you Mike? Michael? Never mind, Dr Faraday I’ve read your diary so many times, and I have so many questions! Would you mind terribly?
    Aren’t you dead?

  • On another note, I’ve ridden under those specific power lines in Memorial Park and I’ve never experienced any shocking.
    I’ll definitely go back and see if maybe the grips on my handlebars are just well insulated, or I just didn’t notice it. I’ll also wrap some copper wire around my bicycle rims and hook it up to a light bulb. This could be fun.

  • That’s shocking.