Craft Beer To Go in the Heights, To Stay in Garden Oaks

It isn’t calling itself a bar, but the website for a new craft-beer retail outlet planned for the former site of Kaboom Books next to the Antidote coffee shop on Studewood says it’ll offer “fresh pours” of draft beer and “growlers to go.” The Twitter account for Premium Draught at 733 Studewood announced yesterday that its construction permit has already been approved.

Meanwhile, the owners of Liberty Station on Washington Ave plan to open the craft-beer-focused Cottonwood Bar in the building shown above on Shepherd at 34th St., just north of Pink’s Pizza, according to the brand-new establishment’s Twitter feed — “adding everything we wanted to do at Liberty Station but didn’t have room . . . kitchen, more taps.”

Photo: Cottonwood Bar

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  • Re the new beer joint–that’s exciting news, but (ok, deep breath, here goes . . .) I’m concerned about parking in that area. As a fan of Antidote, which already has limited parking in that shopping center, and with the wine bar going in across the street, I’m thinking things are going to be pretty congested. . . .

  • A better question is: how did they get a permit with the very limited parking. Something ain’t kosher because the parking is already overflowing with customers from Antidote and the corner store. The parking lot does not have enough spaces for the COH requirements for the two businesses that are currently using the lot, much less adding a third.

  • The new wine bar built a parking lot and the beer place won’t have enough space to accomodate much of a bar scene, i.e. most patrons won’t stay long. I’d bet the parking increase is marginal.

  • I wonder if they will be able to get the smell of grease and engine oil out of that building. I bought and had repaired my motorcycles there in the early 60′ and to my remembrance it has never been anything but a repair place or mechanic shop when in use. I guess if the old Sinclair station on Wakefield can become the “Fillin Station”, then the concept will probably work.

  • Parking is absolutely a problem in that center. Antidote’s customers keep that parking lot full as it is. This might start a rather interesting turf war between the competing businesses. Good luck!

  • I wonder whether Antidote will care if people bring growlers over to their patio. I am sure it will happen. Maybe there could be some synergy with Antidote charging a few bucks for beer mugs and space on the patio.

  • It doesn’t sound like its going to be a bar. It sounds like it is going to be a place where you can buy beer that is fresh out of keg. They state on their website, “You can choose when, where, how, and with whom you enjoy a fresh craft beer!” This and the growlers to go bit leads me to believe that it’ll be a great place to pick up fresh beer to take home or to a party or to dry creek for a burger.

  • there are lots of cars parked in and around the neighborhood near bars on white oak at happy hour. on weekends, that parking lot is across from tacos a go go is always jammed. antidote parking lot can be a traffic jam and with 2 more places opening up and no parking lot – street parking in WH etc is the only option. neighbors will have to deal noise and trash that come when the bars close. Lots of non heights residents frequent the bars, Fitzgeralds on weekends. Please dont’ suggest bike riding.. it does not work for everyone.

  • Let’s state the obvious: It will be a neighborhood beer dispensary and drinking place. Patrons/customers can WALK to it, and WALK home. No problem with either congested parking lot or drunk drivers.

  • As a neighborhood resident who lives within 6 blocks of the proposed craft beer purveyor, I am ridiculously excited about the the promise of “growlers to go”.

    And Antidote already serves beer and wine – they have good happy hour specials. I suspect the new business will be a nice addition, not competition.

  • growlers on my longboard are going to be dangerous, but worth it = ]

  • Parking is going to be an issue at the Cottonwood location as well even if they let you park behind it under the carport. It’s a bit tricky accessing this little strip due to the railroad bridge and the weird “access road” layout already – I wish them all the best & hope locals on bikes/foot will keep them in business.

  • What is the plan to keep the non-walkers and non-bike riders away from this strip center? Even assuming Antidote and the new beer place are or will be neighborhood hangouts, people in the “neighborhood” are still going to drive there. I mean, crossing Studewood on foot can be done, but I would not suggest doing so with kids or at all after having a few beers. Moreover, I live in one of the immediate surrounding neighborhoods and it is a 25-30 minute walk from my house to Antidote, even assuming I can quickly cross Studewood.

  • Sweet, GArden Oaks will soon become the craft beer center of Houston. Rock on Love all the liberty ventures!