Downtown Food Hall Contestant No. 4 Will Park in The Lyric Centre’s New Parking Garage

Number 4 on the list of Downtown food halls, one of which has actually been built: Lyric Market, a 31,000-sq.-ft. multi-restaurant space that plans to move in just north of the Lyric Centre on Louisiana St. Houston’s first food hall, Conservatory, opened 5 blocks east on Prairie St. last year. Both Bravery Chef Hall and Finn Hall are expected to open within the same 7-block sector of downtown as Lyric Market.

Work to build the blocky white parking garage shown above began on the site of a surface parking lot last October. The structure’s street level, allocated to retail, will now be occupied entirely by Lyric Market. The food hall will span Preston St. between Smith and Louisiana and connect directly to the adjacent Lyric Centre, shown looking ghostly in the rendering above. A new plaza with outdoor seating will go between the end of the food hall and David Adickes’s self-playing-cello sculpture at the corner of Smith and Prairie streets.

The floor plan below shows how the restaurants will lay out:


The 3 colors in the site plan above indicate different types of venues: pale blue is for full-service restaurants, while yellow and purple are for kiosks with bar seating as well as stalls. The parking garage’s entrance off Smith St. is shown at the curb cut on the left side of the plan. The food hall connects to the Lyric Centre through a passage at the office tower’s north end.

Outdoor dining areas will line the north side of the food hall along Preston St.:

Here’s the view looking south down Smith St. past the skybridge that connects the Wortham Theater to the Houston Ballet’s Center for Dance:

Video and images: Capital Realty

Lyric Market

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