East Downtown’s Houston Post Building Now Airing Out in Preparation for What’s Next

Asbestos abatement crews are on the scene at the former Houston Post building on the corner of Polk and Emancipation that Lovett Commercial plans to redevelop. The photo at top from St. Charles St. looks east to show the building’s parking lot — now serving as a staging area for contractors that have been there all week, according to a Swamplot reader. The other shot views the building’s corner at Polk and St. Charles, which — according to a site plan put out by Lovett last May — would be demolished to make room for more parking.

Fronting all those parking spaces would be a CVS at Polk and Emancipation and a newly-constructed Sprouts Farmers Market off Bell St.:


Looking from St. Charles St., you can see the current parking lot beyond the fence where the new Sprouts would go:

Nearby properties have seen some action recently, too, like this dug-up — and subsequently filled-in — sidewalk:

Photos: Swamplot inbox (building and abatement). Site plan: Lovett Commercial

Seeds of Sprouts?

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  • Awesome, get this party started!

  • Very interesting Houston Business Journal about the quality of schools on the East End. 4 of the 5 top public middle schools are on the east end. They also have one of the top Elementary and Top Highschools.

  • For real? I thought Sprouts was canceled? Hope this dream comes true. Will be a good edition to the neighborhood and look forward to a grocery store in the neighborhood with quality produce and beer.

  • Maybe we can get together for a check.

  • @Mr.Clean19, that’s a little disingenuous. The top six public middle schools in the Houston area are T.H. Rogers, charter, charter, charter, charter, and Lanier. True, three of the four charters are on the east side, but the neighborhood schools are Gregory-Lincoln downtown, and Navarro, Edison, and Deady heading east. Children at Risk rates Gregory-Lincoln, Navarro, and Edison at a big fat F, although Deady managed to squeak out a D-minus.
    Children at Risk school ratings
    HISD attendance zone maps

  • @Swamplot
    Besides the abatement crews, is there anything else you that backs up your assertion that a Sprouts is going in this building? Is this based on rumors? This subject came up some time ago and died a quick death. I don’t believe this is happening and it seems like you are jumping the gun.

  • I think Progg is correct. The property is still being marketed for lease by Lovett Commercial. The fact that they are doing asbestos abatement does not mean that they have any tenant, let alone Sprouts.

  • I worked at this building a few times in the 1980s when I was a General Worker and then Apprentice at the Houston Post. We made letterpress plates there for the presses. A guard would drive me from the main plant on 610 to the guard shack where you would have to present your ID and sign in just to go to work. It was all very secure. That building seemed really old to me then.

  • This reporting is inaccurate. Sprouts has no plans at this time to open in this location. People are using the information from Swamplot to sell property in Eado and raise prices of property in our neighborhood. I wonder what steps were taken to verify this information, because a simple call to Lovett by a neighbor was all it took for our Nextdoor group to find out what is going on. At this point, nobody knows who the future residents will be.