Heights Blvd. Fried Chicken Upgrade Now in Progress

Construction of Lee's Fried Chicken & Donuts in Former Church's Fried Chicken, 601 Heights Blvd., Houston Heights

Work has begun transforming the former Heights Blvd. Church’s Fried Chicken — which left its longstanding spot on the corner of 6th St. (aka White Oak across the street) back in March — to the long-promised Lee’s Fried Chicken & Doughnuts. Back in 2012, the team behind Liberty Kitchen (and BRC Gastropub as well as Petite Sweets) had intended to open a Lee’s Fried Chicken in the long-vacant drive-thru behind Liberty Kitchen at 1132 E. 11th St. — after initial plans to open a coffee house in that space were switched.


Construction of Lee's Fried Chicken & Donuts in Former Church's Fried Chicken, 601 Heights Blvd., Houston Heights

Photos: Brie Kelman

Church’s to Lee’s and Donuts

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  • So it will still be a fried chicken place, but now backed by Liberty Kitchen so pretentious Heights yuppies will feel confident enough to eat there.

  • Sounds like joey can’t afford the Heights – whaaaaa.

  • snooze, wake me up when there’s a Timmy Chan’s nearby

  • Great. Now if you want fried chicken AND some fried dough, you don’t have to waddle to two different places. I guess we’re trying to reclaim our Obesity Crown. (Yuck.)

  • First there was fried chicken and waffles. Now, fried chicken and donuts. What’s next? I nominate: fried chicken and bagels; fried chicken and croissants (aka ‘croissant poulet frit’); fried chicken muffins; Danish fried chicken & jelly; chicken fried flapjacks. This is virgin territory and I look forward to more such creative ventures.

  • Joey jo-jo: my sentiments exactly.

    Gary Deller’s comment reconfirms why I’m satisfied with my decision of selling my home and the leaving the Heights.

  • Even though I’m sure it’s delicious, I shudder to think what a bucket of their fried chicken will cost. The Liberty Kitchen group does great work, but with a drive-through, this is their first venture into “fast” food. I hope they can churn it out fast enough to keep the drive-through customers happy. That was my go-to Church’s and I was sorry to see it close a few months ago. Not everything in the Heights has to be “upscale.”

  • I am not a Liberty Kicthen fan, but I have to admit that their fried chicken is crazy good. They had been doing it as a weeknight special. It always sold out. The stand alone location is going to have the same recipe/process as the fried chicken served at the restaurant.

    If you would prefer to save a few bucks and eat the garbage they serve at Church’s, move to Katy. I am very happy to see that eyesore leave Heights Blvd. for good. It was a complete embarrassment to have that crappy chain on one of Houston’s best boulevards. Good riddance.

  • i guess this hip new concept is really just a sweetened rip off of hamburgers and french fries. it works because you’ve got people walking through the door who apparently don’t have health as a high priority anyway so then you hit them with a cheap dessert and boom you’ve rung the cash register twice.

  • Liberty Chicken?

  • Popeyes is great, especially if ordering for a crowd of unexpected guests. Funky Chicken which I like, my family does not. and the Chicken place on Main have yet to try it. Luby’s has excellent Fried Chicken platter.
    Liberty Fried chicken is also good, but I agree a little pricy if feeding a family.

  • So I suppose overpriced fried check and donuts are supposed to be more healthy for you. I’ts still fried chicken and already a number of places which I am sure will be cheaper. Likely catering to the new families that have migrated to the Heights with their runny nosed brats. No i’m not bitter and yes I own a nice house in the Heights. Unfortunately I bought before attitude, toddlers, diaper bags and booster seats started overrunning every store, restaurant and supermarket. I’m with Progg, so ready to move.

  • Ditto what Progg said, although we kept our house in the Heights as an income property – so yeah I can agree with joey jo-jo completely and just ignore the summarized knee jerk response: “you just can’t afford the heights or inner loop for that matter – you may as well just live in Katy, or Sealy – They’ll take you as is.” As far as restaurants in the Heights go they all tend to follow the same pattern. Build a lot of hype around the opening. Open it and crank out good food for initial review. Then enter the plateau phase of mediocrity with the added loft of being in the Heights. Then realize you either can’t sustain the hype around your menu, or that you actually have to find a way to draw demand for your product based on consumer value. Look at Someburger. Undeniably the most successful food service venue serving the 11th and Studewood intersection. Arguably the second most successful food service provider in the Heights followed by Chirps. The most successful of course being Shipley’s with it’s headquarters on Main……

  • This concept has been trending for a little while on the east coast and the north..DC has a couple of places, Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken and Golden Brown Delicious (GBD)…in Chicago, there’s Do-Rite, and Federal Donuts in Philly. So, I’m excited to see someone in Houston (my favorite city for good food) putting their spin on the dish.

    I know it’s not a healthy trend, but, it tastes sooooo good!!!

  • Do they have an opening date yet?

  • Toby, Someburger is successful because they haven’t ignored their core business while trying to crank out ever increasing “concepts” to see which one will stick.

  • Fried chicken and donuts? SMH

  • I predict this will be the first of many, many alcoholic drink “clubs” on Heights Boulevard and the next thing you’ll see on this blog is Old School bitching about all of the parking problems he’s now facing. Old School should start going under “Private Academy”

  • People are complaining about fried chicken and donuts? What the hell is wrong with you? If you don’t want to eat fried chicken and donuts, then move along, nothing to see here. There’s a bunch of stuff I don’t want to eat, but it never occurred to me to complain about other people eating it.
    I wish Shipleys would bring back their diners. The one on West Gray was great. You could get a big bowl of chili and some donuts to go with it. You could even dunk the donuts in the chili. No one would stop you. Or complain about it on the internet.

  • @OldSchool, how is Church’s chicken garbage? Fried chicken is pretty much the same: chicken, seasoning and breading deep-fried in oil. Pretty hard to mess that up, and I’ve never had bad chicken at Church’s. What’s the matter? Is the Heights too good for fast food chains now?

  • Will they have an “eat in” component?
    I live within two blocks and I am not a fan of a TABC license for this establishment, but it does not look like they are headed that way – does anyone know?
    I heard that Gelazzi was denied a TABC license and I imagine that others will be denied too. I don’t speak for the masses, but I will say that all my neighbors agree that we not want see the Boulevard trashed by bringing in a bunch of bars.

  • Heights Person – there are establishments around Heights Blvd and Yale that provide alcohol already. On a Tuesday night -early, around 7:30 p.m.–I have had to avoid drunken people stumbling in the street to their car(s) from Down House.

  • I think the most important questions to ask – are the chickens “local”? Are they “free range” and “organic”? Will the batter and dough be available in “whole wheat”, “gluten free”, “sprouted grain” and “non GMO” options? Very important questions to ask if I am wanting my chicken and donuts – but want to do it “sustainably”. After all – I have to live the “Heights” lifestyle – driving my BMW 5 Series, shopping at Whole Foods, living in my Urban Living constructed townhome, looking down upon those “others” that don’t live “in the loop”, strictly keeping in like with my way of living without being the least bit hypocritical.
    The dream of the 90’s are alive in The Heights, right? LOL