Randall Davis’s Arabella Is Losing Its Accent

Sign for Arabella, 4521 San Felipe St., Highland Village, Houston

Sign for Arabella, 4521 San Felipe St., Highland Village, HoustonIt was introduced in April as the Arábella, but all you Randall Davis fans who’ve been trying hard since then to affect the correct pronunciation can relax your eyebrows. A reader sends in this closeup of the sign up on San Felipe, next to the driveway for the neighboring Target, advertising the 34-story condo tower the foreign-language-reference aficionado is planning to plant right in front of the just-about-complete SkyHouse River Oaks and across from Ashley Furniture on San Felipe, just inside the Loop. And behold! The accent is gone. Or rather, painted over, the reader reports.


Alas, the transformation of the Arábella into the Arabella is not complete. The development’s website is still fully accented. This recent video advertising the development, however, appears to be diacritic-free:

Photo of sign: Txcon

Acute Name

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  • Are you sure Arab Hella is good name these days? What’s next Bin Laden Resort & Casino? Al Qaida Suites? ISIS Spa & Convention Center?

  • it’s better without the accent…let the people decide whether it’s air-a-bella on san fill-i-pee, aurah-bila on san fay-lee-pay or what.

  • I’m glad they de-dbag’d the name. Was grossly pretentious (IMO)

  • Everything RD does just seems…so 90’s.

  • Still chuckling at how people doing a project of that size and scale, with that kind of money, and who do this type of thing for a living, could pick a name whose pronunciation is questionable and hard to roll off the tongue. Makes the suburban simpletons in Cinco Ranch, Whispering Lakes, Firethorne and other stupidly-named developments look smarter than these inner-city cool kids.

  • Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay overpriced. Today’s “luxury” is tomorrow’s ghettoplex.