Heights Blvd. Trees Now Dressed To Impress Along Heights Mercantile Construction Site

Heights Mercantile treesHeights Mercantile treesThe shot above, facing south along the eastern edge of the 7th-St.-straddling site of the Heights Mercantile development, shows a few of the new meant-to-catch-eyes green sashes now adorning a series of trees along the Heights Blvd. sidewalk. But just what kind of message are those low-slung stripes sending to workers at the site, a reader wonders? Does green mean made the cut, or cut ’em down?

Renderings of plans for the project include a double-wide strip of trees framing a walking path parallel to 7th St. (labeled an outdoor art gallery), with additional greenery arranged in front of the Heights Blvd. bungalows being recruited into the retail center:



Images: Swamplot inbox (photo), Michael Hsu Office of Architecture (rendering)

Marked at 7th St.

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  • Until the green construction fence was erected, I thought the 2 bungalows on the Heights Blvd side were going to remain, and the construction was going to surround them in a U shape. (like what happened with the big Alexan apartment building on Yale.)

  • Welcome to Houston TreeLot where every glorious tree is sacred.

  • I am a local tree service contractor, and have been all my life. I am simply glad to see that there is a place for trees in the above picture. I was under the impression hat the markers were specific to job site or specific to county. What does it mean in this situation? I like the green means go comment.