Ivy Lofts To Release Even Newer Drawings in October, Break Ground in January

Ivy Lofts Retail Listing Images, September 2016

Actually, the rendering above is not the newest look for the Ivy Lofts, PR head Jared Anthony tells Swamplot this afternoon. Anthony says that the 3-week-old images posted in Wednesday’s since-pulled listing for ground floor retail space in the development had been planned for release that same day during a meeting with folks who have reserved units in the project — but some totally different designs came in from the new architect on Tuesday. Anthony says the newest plans will be shown off in mid-October when the sales center relaunches (complete with another scale model of the planned building), and that groundbreaking is now planned for January, with no change to the estimated completion date.

Images: Powers Brown Architecture

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  • This project is such a catastrophe.

  • The project is such a catastrophe that the architect quit.

  • Construction is “planned” to start in January. Yawn. Call me when they have a loan commitment in hand from a legit construction lender. And oh yeah, make sure that loan commitment letter doesn’t have a bunch of impossible to achieve closing conditions.